Committee Information:

Email: Alok Pandey - Chair
Office: 702-651-4793

The Faculty Senate Travel Committee is a recommending body that evaluates the academic merit of a particular trip for Out-of-State domestic travel, only. Final approval for any travel is processed through the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the Financial Services Department is responsible for the processing of disbursements of funds.

Application Procedure:
In order to apply for a recommendation of institutional support for Out-of-State domestic travel, prior to traveling you must submit an application package (see below to download the package) to the Faculty Senate Travel Committee Chair (Contact Us) by the appropriate deadline listed below. Please submit your application package via e-mail. Travel Committee now processes the international travel requests. However, it is important for the applicants for International travel to know that the funding caps are the same for all domestic or International travel.

Incomplete application packages will not be processed.

Here are links to the Faculty Travel Policy and related forms that you will need for travel related purposes:

  1. Travel Policy:                                                                            Academic Faculty Travel Policy
  2. Faculty Senate Travel Committee travel funding request form: Faculty Travel Request Form

*To fill out the form download it to your desktop. Some browsers/security settings will not allow you to fill in the field until you have downloaded it first.


If you are requesting the Official Duties-level or presentation-level funding support, your application package must be submitted at least 60 days prior to travel. If proof of Official Duties or presentation is not available 45 days prior to travel, you may only be approved for the Attendee Cap. When the said proof is presented to the Committee, the Cap will be updated, accordingly.

If you are requesting the Attendee Cap, materials must be submitted to the Travel Committee at least 45 days prior to travel.

If you are requesting support to attend a certification or specialized training, materials must be submitted to the Travel Committee at least 15 days prior to travel.

Limits:  1  Attendee  only
2  If one Attendee and One Presentation
3  If all three are Presentations (still being aware that one cannot miss more than one week 
of classes per semester to go to these)

If any of the indicated deadlines fall during the summer, application packages must be submitted to the Faculty Senate Chair at Mail Sort W32E. See Summer Procedures: section below for more information.

Summer Procedures

Please submit Out-of-State domestic travel request packet to the Faculty Senate Chair via email.

Faculty Senate chair, with Senate Leadership and the Executive Committee, will review requests and make the decision and inform the applicant and others.

The Senate Travel Committee Chair will provide the currently used procedures to the Senate Chair before the beginning of the summer semester.


Upon the Travel Committee's recommendation of the acceptance or denial of a request, the faculty member, the appropriate supervisors, and Financial Services will be notified. Once this notification has been sent, the Travel Committee's portion of the application procedure is complete. If recommended for support, the faculty member must then follow the remainder of the procedure, in Workday, as indicated by Financial Services. As a courtesy, that procedure is listed at the bottom of this page.

Conditions and Restrictions

Funding amount is limited as per the policy:

  1. Presenters (proof of presentation must be attached to the application): $1500
  2. Official duties (proof must be attached):                                                $1300
  3. Attendees:                                                                                             $1200

Number of possible funded trips: A total of two trips including summer in an academic year is allowed.

Letters of Application will serve as the primary source of consideration. Insufficient Letters may result in a recommendation to deny the request.

Requests not received by the appropriate deadline will be denied.

Requests for reimbursement AFTER travel has occurred WILL be denied.

Due to funding restrictions, faculty members will be limited to support for up to two distinct Out-of-State trips per academic year, but only one trip per semester. For the purposes of this committee a semester is defined from first day of a semester to a day before next semester.

Funds are limited, therefore, requests for support will be considered on a first-come-first-served basis. Keep in mind; a request for support may be submitted several months in advance (e.g., requests for summer travel).

The Financial Services Department is responsible for the processing of disbursements of funds.

Submission for approval and Reimbursement (to be done in Workday):

  1. Complete a Spend Authorization, including a request for approval of a Lodging Rate Exception if needed, in Workday immediately upon receipt of approval from the Faculty Senate Travel Committee.
    1. Follow the information text in the header of the Spend Authorization.
    2. Specify the Faculty Senate Travel Committee account number (Unit: CSN 14: Cost Center CC1194; Fund: FD201: Function: FN60; Program PG06907) on the Spend Authorization.
  2. Submit the Spend Authorization in Workday for approval. A Spend Authorization must be approved in Workday at least 10 working days prior to travel.
  1. Make appropriate travel arrangement after the Spend Authorization is approved in Workday.
  2. Complete and submit an Expense Report in Workday within 15 working days of completion of the approved travel. All supporting documentation including, but not limited to, the Faculty Senate Travel Committee’s approval letter, flight itinerary and ticket, hotel bill, conference materials, proof of mileage, and any parking or ground transportation receipts must be attached to the Expense Report. Only expenses that are in compliance with the Travel Manual and within the cap established by the Faculty Senate Travel Committee will be reimbursed.

Once the traveler receives (or is notified of) an approved travel request, appropriate travel arrangements can be made. Airline tickets may be purchased directly by the traveler or through the College's contact at Prestige Travel (Kimberly Lundwall: 702.946.8731), except for international travelers and college teams/groups who must book airline travel through Prestige Travel. If driving, the traveler should make his/her own arrangements.

All CSN Travel Policies and Procedures must be followed. Questions about the policies or assistance on completing the travel claim can be directed to Robert Sharp in Financial Services, at 702.651.4027.

Committee Membership


Administrative Faculty

Fall 2021 – Spring 2023

Kali Rao

Advanced & Applied Tech

Fall 2020 – Spring 2022

Angela Holland

Arts & Letters

Fall 2021 – Spring 2023

Sergio Guzman

Arts & Letters

Fall 2021 – Spring 2023

Deborah Van DammeArts & LettersFall 2021 - Spring 2023

Deven Matthews

Business, Hospitality & Public Service

Fall 2020 – Spring 2022

Ky Wimpfheimer

Education, Behavioral & Social Science

Fall 2021 – Spring 2023

Cassie Gentry

Health Sciences

Fall 2020 – Spring 2022

Jack Sawyer


Fall 2020 – Spring 2022

Alok Pandey (Chair)

Science & Mathematics

Fall 2020 – Spring 2022


Robert Sharp


Fall 2021 – Spring 2022