Committee Type:
The Student Success Committee is a Continuing Committee created by the faculty senate as per the senate bylaws.  Continuing committees are intended to address issues of ongoing concern to the institution.  They are created and charged by a majority vote of the senate.  A specific committee charge must be approved when the committee is created.  The senate must approve any and all changes to the committee's charge.  Continuing committees will continue to operate until dissolved by a majority vote of the senate.

Committee Charge:
To assist in the effort to increase student success by helping students make rational, informed, choices concerning their education and help faculty to assist students in achieving this goal.

In-Progress Initiatives:
- Promotion and implementation of Online Readiness Workshop and ALLY
- Emphasizing MyCoyotePlan, Student email contact and Mid-Semester Compass
- Grant writing for a proposed pipeline summer program for enrolled STEM students
- Gathering information on our student services areas: is the information to students clear and the same across the areas?

Committee Meetings:



Committee Membership:

Name School Term:
Brett Winkelhake - Chair Science & Mathematics 2020-2022
Peter Legner Administrative Faculty 2019-2021
Sean Tory Administrative Faculty 2019-2021
Lily Morningstar Advanced & Applied Technologies 2020-2022
Deborah Van Damme Arts & Letters 2019-2021
Deborah Mzhickteno Counseling 2019-2021
Amy Palmer Counseling 2020-2022
Kenya Minott Education, Behavioral & Social Sciences 2019-2021
John Pulver Education, Behavioral & Social Sciences 2020-2022
Ashley Rickard Health Sciences 2020-2022
Sherri Lindsey Health Sciences 2019-2021
Gracie McDonough Library 2020-2022
Paul McBurnett Science & Mathematics 2020-2022
James Ormord Science & Mathematics 2019-2021
Assia Wade Science & Mathematics 2020-2022
Amy Ziemba Science & Mathematics 2019-2021