We do not have a specific CSN Spanish placement exam, rather we follow a process to individually assess the background, abilities, and previous studies in Spanish of our students to help them find and match to the level of Spanish in our CSN program where they will be most successful. This is done by several methods that are explained below. For more information, contact the Spanish Lead who can assist you further at Contact Us.

To self-evaluate your own level of Spanish and how it matches our Spanish courses, visit Determining Your Spanish Level. Nevertheless, read through the information below about the placement process.

Demonstrating completion of a prerequisite

Successful Completion of the prerequisite: If you wish to enroll in a second, third, or fourth semester CSN Spanish course (SPAN 112, 211, or 212), you must demonstrate that you have “successfully completed” the prerequisite CSN course or its equivalent.

Methods of completion

Students can demonstrate successful completion of a prerequisite by any one of the following methods:

  1. Course completion of Spanish -Transcripts from a college, university, or high school.
  2. Credit by exam - CLEP, AP scores provided.
  3. Educational studies - Enrollment and completion of studies in a Spanish speaking country.
  4. Evaluation of skills  - Assessed through individual exams

Minimum demonstration of “successful” completion

To waive the prerequisite by showing successful completion of coursework, the course must have been completed in the last five years with a grade of C or better.

More Information concerning exams and other evaluations:

CLEP exam

Yet another way for students to demonstrate completion of the Spanish prerequisite is to take and score successfully on the CLEP exam. A score of 50 will award you 4 credits and serve as a placement indicator, allowing  you to enroll into SPAN 112. In addition, a total of 8 (two semesters) credits with a score of 70 or higher can place you into SPAN 211. Contact testing services at any of our campuses, or call the college phone number and ask for testing services. The exam cost will vary, so do check with testing services.

AP exam

Many of our CSN students entering college have completed a Spanish AP exam. Demonstration of completion of the prerequisite and credit for the CSN course is usually awarded as follows:

  • Spanish AP Score 3      Credit for SPAN 111 and placement into SPAN 112.
  • Spanish AP Score 4-5  Credit for SPAN 111 and 112 and placement into SPAN 211.

Demonstrating successful completion through formal and informal educational and Spanish language experiences

Some students who have educational studies and Spanish language backgrounds (E.g.: Study abroad experiences, studied previously at a Spanish speaking school, have lived in a Spanish speaking country or have some background in speaking,  reading and writing  in Spanish) will also be able to successfully complete the prerequisite but may have difficulties providing the documentation. If this is your situation, please contact the CSN Spanish Lead who can direct you further. Each of these situations requires a unique process.