An explanation of the World Language Spanish courses

The World Languages department offers a wide range of Spanish courses. In fact, our Spanish course offerings can be categorized into three general groups each addressing specific needs of our students:

  • Spanish college transfer courses: First- and second-year college Spanish: SPAN 111, 112, 211, 212.
  • Spanish for Heritage speakers: SPAN 126, 226 and 227. These courses also transfer, but are guided toward heritage speakers and are conducted all in Spanish.
  • Spanish for the professions, communication and culture: SPAN 101b, 102b, 105b, 106b, 116b, 215, 216. 223 and 224.

Starting with a beginning Spanish - 111 v. 101: Which one?

Spanish 111 is our entry level first-year college-transfer Spanish course. However, at the first year level we offer first year Spanish in two formats: SPAN 101b and SPAN 111. The emphasis in both SPAN 101 and 111 is to help students to learn to communicate in Spanish. All skills (listening, reading writing, speaking and culture) are introduced in both courses.

So, what is the difference between SPAN 101 and 111?

SPAN 101b, Basics of Spanish I
This is a non-transferable entry level Spanish course. This means this course will not transfer to a four-year college or university. If you plan to use your Spanish course as part of a four-year BA, BS or AA or AS degree, this is not the course. But, if you just want to get started with some basic Spanish, this might be your best option. Many students enroll in this course to get started with Spanish, as part of a CSN AAS degree or some CAs (Certificate of Achievements), or simply for self-enrichment.

SPAN 111, First Year Spanish I
This is an entry level beginning Spanish course that does not require prior study of Spanish, and that is transferable to most four-year colleges or universities. It also is the beginning course of the four-semester core Spanish program at CSN. It is a four-credit course and emphasis is on all language skills (listening, reading writing, speaking and culture).

Additional information

Note: Please be aware that not all courses are offered each semester. If you are interested in a specific course, please contact the Spanish Lead Faculty or the World Languages AA for more information.

SPAN 112, First Year Spanish, II
This is the second semester of the first-year Spanish concentrating on the development of language skills in the present and simple past tenses (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and cultural understanding. Emphasis on basic communication.

SPAN 211, 212, Second Year Spanish I and II
At the second-year level we also offer the course sequence SPAN 211 and SPAN 212. These courses assist students to progress in their goal to communicate in Spanish. Students are encouraged to complete this 2nd year course sequence, especially if planning to transfer to a four-year university for a Bachelor of Arts.

Spanish for Heritage Speakers: SPAN 126, SPAN 226 and SPAN 227
Our Spanish language heritage speakers have several different options available to improve their Spanish language skills. Just like our other first and second year college Spanish transfer courses, these will transfer to most colleges and universities and fulfill the world language requirement for most majors.

SPAN 126, Introduction to Spanish for Heritage Speakers 
Spanish 126 is an introductory course, designed for students who have been exposed to or spent time in a Spanish speaking environment, but who might not have formal training or skills.

SPAN 226 and 227 Spanish for Heritage Speakers I and II 
These two courses were designed for heritage speakers who have an informal training in Spanish but who have had little or no formal instruction. Students will expand on the Spanish they’ve learned, as well as be exposed to formal aspects of the language.

Other Spanish course offerings:
We do have other Spanish courses that are offered . Please contact us directly concerning any of the following courses if you do not see them in the present semester course offerings:
SPAN 105b Spanish for Health Professions, I
SPAN 106b Spanish for Health Professions, II
SPAN 116b Spanish for Law Enforcement, I
SPAN 215 Intermediate Spanish Conversation I
SPAN 216 Intermediate Spanish Conversation II
SPAN 223 Spanish Caribbean Culture
SPAN 224 Mexican Culture