Email: Help.Desk@ csn.edu
Local: 702-651-HELP (4357)
Toll-Free: 800-630-7563


CSN owned and managed computers have McAfee Anti-Virus isntalled and updated on them. Those who ignore the anti-virus protection measures provided place themselves at serious risk for receiving and spreading viruses throughout the network.


  • Protection from computer viruses and infection
  • Continuous protection
  • Real-time scanning
  • Quarantine of infected files

Get Help

Receive a Spam or Phishing Email?     Unsure? Contact the IT Help Desk at {link here} Sure? Forward the spam/ phishing to {link here}. If you responded or clicked on any links and entered your password, contact the IT Help Desk immediately at {link here}.

Additional Information

IT will disable any account or network port on the CSN domain or network that is the source of or cause of proliferation of a virus until we can be sure the infected computer has been cleaned and no longer poses a threat to email or the network service. This may mean loss of service to individuals whose computers are infected and to the larger community of users who share the network. See more information on the Spam Blocking page {link}.