CSN Bylaws -- 6.8.6 Committee on College Budget

The Budget Committee shall solicit financial information from the appropriate administrator. The Budget Committee shall review budget and resource allocations made by the College and shall serve as a representative of the faculty as a whole in making recommendations to the administration. These recommendations shall include such items as prioritization of new professional and classified positions, filling of vacated positions, prioritization of capital equipment requests, allocation of existing equipment, purchase of new equipment, establishment and control of revenue accounts, utilization of year-end funds and utilization of revenue in excess of direct expenditures during summer sessions. Such recommendations must be made to the President or appropriate administrators. In addition, such recommendations may be made to Faculty Senate. The Faculty Senate Chairperson-Elect will serve on this committee in an ex-officio capacity

Faculty Senate: https://www.csn.edu/faculty-senate




Senate Budget Committee Members List
Member School Term Expires
Tracy Sherman - Chair Health Sciences 2019-2021
Julian Barroso-Merino Arts & Letters 2020-2022
Lynn Best Library 2020-2022
Earnest Bracey Education, Behavioral & Social Science 2019-2021
Eric Davis EBSS, Chair of Chairs 2020-2021
Andrew Fanizzi Business, Hospitality & Public Services 2019-2021
Mark Haag Counseling 2019-2021
Emelda Jones Health Sciences 2020-2022
Kathy Kazemi Science & Mathematics 2020-2022
Ayla Koch Science & Mathematics 2019-2021
Angela Spires Arts & Letters 2019-2021