It shall be the duty of this committee to review salary and fringe benefits and make recommendations for adjustments to the Senate. The Chairperson of this committee shall be recommended to serve on the UCSN Salary and Benefits Committee. If not appointed to the UCSN committee, the Chairperson of this committee will act as a liaison to the CSN member of the UCSN committee.





Committee Membership

Salary & Benefits Committee Members List
Member School Term
Julian Smit - Chair Education, Behavior & Social Science 2020-2022
Constance Toney-Jackson Advanced & Applied Tech 2020-2022
Steven Thornberry Arts & Letters 2019-2021
Paul Bynum Counseling 2019-2021
Fred Conquest Education, Behavior & Social Science 2019-2021
Rebecca Blunk Library 2019-2021
Nancy Webb Administrative Faculty 2019-2021