The Sabbatical Leave Committee members shall evaluate sabbatical leave applications. They shall then submit a ranked list of the applicants accompanied by appropriate commentary to the President of the College. The Committee members may also make recommendations for changes in the application forms, application process, or evaluation process to the Faculty Senate

Sabbatical Leave Policy


According to the NSHE Board of Regent's Handbook any academic faculty member who has served full-time on either a 10-month or 12-month contract for six (6) years, is eligible for sabbatical leave. It further states, Faculty should serve at least six (6) additional years prior to eligibility for subsequent sabbatical leaves.

Questions regarding Sabbatical Leave eligibility should be directed to the Office of Human Resources on 651-5800.



To apply for sabbatical, send an email to David Brodersen and Iris Melendez. You will subsequently receive an invitation to join the Canvas shell within one or two business days. You are welcome to contact Dr. Brodersen if more than 48 business hours has elapsed after sending your request for access to the shell. If you are in doubt about whether or not you are eligible for sabbatical, Iris Melendez in HR will be able to help you. 

The Canvas shell includes the forms, instructions, and the evaluation rubric the committee members will use to evaluate applications.
A completed application includes six items: 
  1. A sabbatical Request Form 
  2. A notarized sabbatical leave agreement (form) 
  3. A signed letter of support from the applicant's department chair/supervisor 
  4. A Curriculum Vitae
  5. A Proposal Summary (Form)
  6. A Proposal (Form)
Forms for items 1, 2, 5, and 6 can be found in the shell as well as on this webpage. There are no forms for the remaining items.
Note that there is a list of notaries on this page.
Sabbatical applications should be submitted online by October 1st.  There is a grace period that extends from the 1st to October 15th.
Please note: Canvas links for submitting your application documents will be turned off at 11:59 October 15. 
If you have any questions, feel free to contact Dr. Brodersen, Chair - Faculty Senate Sabbatical Committee, or the Faculty Senate Chair Maria Schellhase.



After the sabbatical leave has been completed, a sabbatical leave report must be filed by October 1.

The current Sabbatical Policy states that;

"At the conclusions of his/her sabbatical, the faculty member will write a report summarizing the project as described herein.  The department chair and dean will evaluate this report and place it in the professor's departmental file for future consultation when he/she applies for subsequent sabbaticals."

Elsewhere in the Sabbatical Policy it states that;

"Following your sabbatical be certain to complete the Required Sabbatical Report and turn it in to HR.  It is due by October 1st."

The sabbatical report should reference the proposal, show how it was accomplished, and address its benefits to the one on sabbatical leave & CSN, which is the purpose of the sabbatical leave.  Complete the form and submit it to your department chair/program director and your dean well before October 1.  Ask the Dean to sign it and forward it to HR.  HR will send it to the President for signature, and the President must submit it to the Board of Regents before October 1.  A copy of the sabbatical report will be kept in the department and in the President's Office.



Committee Membership

Sabbatical Leave Committee Members List
Member School Term
David Brodersen - Chair Advanced & Applied Tech 2020-2022
Kali Rao Advanced & Applied Tech 2020-2022
Bette Brickman Arts & Letters 2020-2022
Sergio Guzman Arts & Letters 2020-2022
Steven Thornberry Arts & Letters 2019-2021
Phillip Pedote Business, Hospitality & Public Services 2020-2022
LaDella Levy Education, Behavioral & Social Science 2020-2022
Beth Seacord Education, Behavioral & Social Science 2019-2021
Dale Warby Education, Behavioral & Social Science 2020-2022
Natalie Chio Health Sciences 2020-2022
Suzan Hovey Health Sciences 2020-2022
Melissa Giovanni Science & Mathematics 2019-2021
Carrie Preite Science & Mathematics 2019-2021
Tityik Wong Science & Mathematics 2020-2022
Ken Betita Counseling 2020-2022
Jack Sawyer Library 2019-2021