The Regents' Teaching Award is given annually to faculty members with distinguished records of teaching. Two awards shall be granted annually. Full-time faculty who provide instruction as their primary assignment at UNLV, UNR, or NSC - and DRI faculty who provide instruction as part of their regular assignment - are eligible for one award. Full-time faculty at CSN, GBC, TMCC, and WNC who provide instruction as their primary assignment will be eligible for one award. Although these awards are intended for individuals, groups who by their collaboration have made outstanding instructional contributions may be recognized as well.

A. Nominations. Notification is sent annually by the Chancellor's Office to each NSHE campus to begin the nomination process: late August/early September. For the Regents Teaching Awards, each community college may submit the following:

  • One nomination of a full-time faculty member who is tenured or tenure track who provides instruction as their primary assisgnment and;
  • One nomination of a full-time faculty member who is not tenured or tenure track who provides instruction as their primary assignment. 

i. Formal letter of nomination from an NSHE employee or student, adhering to the following guidelines:

  1. The nomination letter must address how the candidate accomplished a significant record of excellence in teaching that brought recognition to his or her institution.
  2. The letter must provide clear evidence of the candidate's ability to communicate effectively with students, impart knowledge, and/or develop skills in a manner that excites students' interest in the subject matter as well as students' interest in furthering their educational aspirations.
  3. The letter must provide clear evidence of the candidate's enthusiasm for assessing, revising, and updating instructional methods, materials and technologies; a willingness to attempt and revise innovative instructional activities through varied approaches, methods, materials, or technologies in an effort to create ongoing participatory/active learning in the classroom and move the state of instruction in a field to a new level or in new directions; and a recurring effort to create learning tasks (assignments, exercises, and/or exams) that encourage critical thinking/reasoning skills.
  4. The letter must provide clear evidence of the candidate's eagerness to be accessible to all students and to provide students with accurate advisement and appropriate referrals to other campus departments or to other NSHE institutions.

ii. A complete curriculum vitae must be attached to the letter of nomination.

iii. Supplementary materials including:

  1. No more than three recent self-evaluations and/or evaluations by the candidate's supervisor or dean.
  2. A summary of student teaching evaluations for no more than three classes.
  3. No more than three examples (reprints or copies)of significant works that the candidate feels are representative of his or her teaching accomplishments. Examples include, but are not limited to, course outlines/syllabi, samples of course handouts, exercises the candidate has developed, distance education materials, videotapes developed by the candidate and samples of exams.
  4. No more than three letters of support from persons knowledgeable of the nominee's qualifications.
  5. Names and address of up to five persons, including students, whom the selection committee may contact regarding the candidate's effectiveness, achievements, or abilities as a teacher.

B. Length of Service. Candidates must have at least five years of cumulative service in the NSHE by the date of nomination in order to be considered for the award.


C. Nominations must be sent via email to the award coordinator by Monday, September 24th, no later than 5 p.m. If you choose to store your nomination and supplemental materials on a disc, you may send that disc by the deadline via inter-office mail. 

D. Committee Review. The CSN Internal Recognition Committee scores all submitted material based on this Rubric Regents' Teaching Award which follows the criteria above from NSHE. The committee can only give each nominee a score based on what is submitted. To be competitive, please follow the guidelines carefully and provide specifics and details where necessary. Generalities and brief descriptions of contributions are not sufficient. Since this award is prestigious and competitive, the nominee should be collaborative and significantly involved in the process of putting together the materials. The nominee should make sure that all information is accurate and inclusive. Don't leave anything out. Don't be modest. Put your best foot forward to make sure when you are nominated it is an outstanding representation of your worthiness for this award.

Please submit your nomination materials in the order outlined above.

After the CSN Internal Recognition Committee has reviewed the nominations, recommendations are sent to the Vice President of Academic Affairs, who will then submit a CSN nominee for this award to NSHE. Once you are selected to represent CSN, these materials are then sent to NSHE where you compete against the selections from other NSHE colleges/universities. A NSHE selection committee will review all system nominations and makes the final decision during the spring semester.

E. Final Approval. The recommendation of the selection committee shall be presented to the Academic, Research and Student Affairs Committee for final approval.

F. Award Amount: $5,000