Pharmacy Technician (CA)

Nature of Work

The Pharmacy Technician is a health team member. Working under the supervision of the pharmacist, the technician performs those tasks associated with the preparation and distribution of medication such as the following:

Hospital Setting

  • Prepare intravenous additive solutions for injections.
  • Fill patient medication drawers and deliver prepackaged doses to nursing stations.
  • Assist in the inventory and distribution of controlled drugs

All Settings

  • Transcribe medication orders and/or prescriptions.
  • Assist the pharmacist in preparing ointments, lotions, and other medications.
  • Maintain records of patients' medication dosage.
  • Type medication labels.
  • Calculate medication charges.
  • Answer phone inquiries.
  • Fill prescription orders.

Program Description

This program provides education and training to prepare students to work in various pharmaceutical settings. Courses are offered over two semesters via online instruction, classroom instruction, and directed work experience in pharmacies to develop your skills in the technical, procedural, and clerical tasks required in a pharmacy setting. Students will also complete 320 hours of clinical internship experience in a pharmacy. Students must complete a mastery examination prior to being assigned to the internship.

The one-year program in Pharmacy Technology is offered on the Charleston Campus of the College of Southern Nevada and leads to a Certificate of Achievement. It prepares students for employment in the fields of:

  • Hospital Pharmacy
  • Retail Pharmacy
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry
  • Mail Service
  • Home IV Therapy

Once accepted into the program, the program course work is completed in two semesters. Students receive both classroom instruction and directed work experience in pharmacies to develop skills in the technical, procedural, and clerical tasks required in a pharmacy. Experienced, practicing pharmacists provide both classroom instruction and supervision of the work experience.

Pharmacy Technician (CA) Requirements

Program Course Sheet and Application Deadlines
Career Guide and Approximate Costs
Selection Criteria
Kaplan Exam Information and Registration Form
Pharmacy Related Work Experience Documentation Form

NOTE: Qualified applicants are expected to meet all admission criteria and matriculating students are expected to meet all progression criteria, as well as these Essential Functions of Pharmacy Technician Students. Students with documented need for accommodation are to meet with the Disability Resources Center.

Program Admission

This is a Limited Entry Program. Therefore, an application for admission must be submitted by the application deadline and all prerequisite requirements must be completed by the completion deadline in order to be eligible for consideration. Students must be at least 18 years of age to participate in the practicum during the second semester of in-program course work. This material is reviewed using selection criteria set by the program. Applicants are notified of their standing by the Limited Entry office.

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The Nevada State Board of Pharmacy issues a Technician Registration upon satisfactory completion of the program. Students with felony convictions are ineligible for certification as a Pharmacy Technician. Those with misdemeanor convictions must contact the Board for clarification of certification eligibility prior to beginning the program.

Student's First Checklist

New students planning to register for courses at CSN must follow the steps outlined on the Health Programs Advising Checklist. This checklist provides information on the registration process for new students seeking a Limited-Entry Health Science Degree or Certificate.

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If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact one of our Health Programs Advisement Offices.

  • Charleston Campus: (702) 651-5885, Building K Lobby
  • North Las Vegas Campus: (702) 651-4415, Main Building Room N212
  • Henderson Campus: (702) 651-3563, Building B Room 136