We find ourselves at an exciting time in our history. The groundwork we have laid for the last 8 years is revealing a solid foundation for new, inspiring work to begin at CSN.

CSN Meta Majors Jigsaw puzzle imageThe alignment of various strategies and tactics associated with the guided pathways model will set the stage for collaborative work among CSN personnel and the Southern Nevada community in a way that will yield amazing results for our students. This Students First approach will integrate proven educational strategies of intensive student onboarding, academic maps, proactive academic and career advising, and instructional support and co-curricular activities, just to name a few.

The BIG goal?  

To increase student completion of credentials of value while closing the achievement gap among our underserved populations.

We can get there. And it starts here.

We want to keep you all informed as we begin this journey. Revisit this page for the latest news and updates on our progress.

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