Welcome to the OTS Help Desks!

CSN has two help desks ready to assist with your success. Both help desks are available to assist students, faculty, and staff. To report an issue, contact one of the help desks below. A representative will gather all pertinent information and will attempt to resolve your issue. If additional technical assistance is required, your ticket will be reassigned to the appropriate team or department for further follow-up and resolution. We are committed to providing you with excellent customer service and prompt support solutions.

OTS Help Desk

Contact us for any assistance needed with CSN owned technology such as your assigned computer, software, or connecting to college resources. You can reach us one of several ways.

Log in on the right of this page to create your own ticket. (24x7)

Click the chat button (7am – 9pm PT)

Call us at 702-651-4357 (HELP) (24x7)

Email us at Help.Desk @csn.edu (24x7)

CSN Call Center

General questions such as assistance with navigating MyCSN, unlocking accounts and resetting passwords, and questions related to registration, payment, counseling, etc...  Our techs are only a phone call away and are available M-F 9am-7pm.

Call 702-651-5555

Help Desk Priorities

High Priority
Technical problems that directly affect a large number of people and their ability to get work done.  This can include network outages, server outages, or application issues that involve campus-wide systems.

Medium Priority
Routine technology problems that affect a single user's ability to perform their job.  This can include individual login issues, connecting to a printer, or inability to connect to wifi.

Low Priority
Problems that affect a user without impairing the ability to do work.  This can include minor error warnings, needing a web page published, or  a computer running slow.

This is when there is a request for information or service.  This can include a quote for a new laptop, installation of software, or a future event request.

Server Maintenance

OTS performs regularly scheduled maintenance on CSN servers, computers, and network equipment to help CSN services maintain optimal performance. Scheduled maintenance of information technology resources is critical to the overall health and security of CSN’s computing environment. During this time, CSN services and systems may be unavailable. The maintenance required during these times may require a reboot of your computer. Please be sure you are saving all work and documents prior to leaving for the day. Computer OS updates and patching occur every Tuesday. System maintenance is performed from midnight-5am every first, third, and fourth Saturday of every month.

Workstation Maintenance
Automated maintenance that affects CSN  computers both on and off campus including faculty and staff workstations, lab and classroom machines, and laptops. During this time, workstations may be restarted to apply system/security and policy updates. 
Every Tuesday 12:00am-5:00am.

Infrastructure Maintenance
This includes maintenance on our servers and network equipment. Depending on what is being worked on, this maintenance might cause service interruptions to CSN systems during the maintenance window as well as require a reboot of computer systems. 
Maintenance is every first, third, and fourth Saturday of the month from 12:00am-5:00am.

Emergency Maintenance
While we try to make every effort to maintain the integrity and reliability of CSN systems, sometimes the unforeseen happens. In these instances, OTS may have to perform emergency maintenance. This includes unplanned and/or unannounced maintenance that may result in downtime on campus systems and services. OTS will always send an email announcement to let users know there is an issue and that we are working to resolve.

Although every effort is made to ensure that maintenance occurs only during the scheduled time frames and avoids potential conflicts with the academic and administrative operations of CSN, there are circumstances that arise that can force deviations from the schedule. These exceptions are very rare but when needed, they will be communicated to and scheduled along with the CIO and VPs to ensure minimal disruption.  OTS will email an announcement to all users making them aware of the changes needed and when they will be scheduled.

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