Multiple enhancements were successfully implemented on October 21st that are based on the CSN Acceptable Use Policy, these improvements include: CSN Email communications, Password Reset through GoCSN, proper usage of your shared drive and more.

Read on for more details.

Password reset through GoCSN

Password Reset
• Password resets can be done online through GoCSN.
• You will need to choose two security questions to answer to get started.
• No need to call the help desk-change your account anytime 24-7!
• Increased security features keep your data safe.
• Student emails must be changed every 180 days.
• GoCSN Password Reset.
• GoCSN Set Security Questions (First Time)
• GoCSN Change Security Questions

H Drive instructions - Faculty Only

CSN Personal Drive (H:) - FACULTY and STAFF ONLY
• Your CSN personal drive will be limited to 10GB of storage space.
• Remove old files, copyrighted materials, videos, music, old backups and personal photos.
• Merge duplicate folders and remove any duplicate or old/out of date files.
• Merge duplicate folders and remove any duplicated files.
See how to check the size of your personal network drive here.
See our guidelines for what files you should store and where.


WiFi access is now through CSN_Wireless

CSN Wireless
OTS has implemented an updated wireless access feature which consolidates all of our wireless access points for students, faculty and staff members into a single point of entry. You will now be able to move from campus to campus without logging in again and again at each campus.

The only time you will be required to log in is when you change your password.


CSN Wireless Connect Instructions