This committee will recommend, monitor implementation of, and review policies, practices, and procedures related to online education. They will also coordinate activities, when necessary, with other all-college committees involved in technology and/or online learning. This committee will serve as a resource to faculty and the Senate in all matters related to use of technology as it relates to academic pursuit and learning.

Recent Activity

The past several years of the Instructional Technology Committee have focused on updating the two policies under the purview of this committee, the eLearning Policy and Information Systems and Electronic Resources Acceptable Use Policy.

Current Focus

This year, the Instructional Technology Committee will be creating a resource guide for instructors that want to ensure they are using the principles of universal design when they create documents in Canvas, completing a survey of instructional technology on campus and any additional instructional technology questions that are brought to faculty senate.

If you have anything that you feel needs to be addressed by this committee, please contact the chair, Lorraine Brown.

Committee Membership
Instructional Technology Committee Members List
Member School Term
Lorraine Brown - Chair Health Sciences 2019-2021
Jann Carson Administrative Faculty 2019-2021
Courtney Danforth Arts & Letters 2019-2021
Michael Hart Education, Behavior & Social Science 2020-2022
Glen Hartman Advanced & Applied Tech 2019-2021
Kenneth Fernandez Education, Behavior & Social Science 2019-2021
Joni Flowers Education, Behavior & Social Science 2019-2021
Deborah Frank Science & Mathematics 2020-2022
Ed Kanet Advanced & Applied Tech 2019-2021
Eileen Metcalfe Business, Hospitality & Public Services 2019-2021
Paula Michniewicz Administrative Faculty 2020-2022
Robert O'Meara Education, Behavior & Social Science 2019-2021
Mahima Pandey Advanced & Applied Tech 2019-2021
Emily Rafael Counseling 2020-2022
Chip Rosenblum Business, Hospitality & Public Services 2020-2022
Beth Seacord Education, Behavior & Social Science 2019-2021
Elizabeth Solomon Health Sciences 2020-2022
George Tarkanian Arts & Letters 2020-2022
Stephanie Villamor Library 2020-2022
Terry Norris (Ex-Officio) E-Learning 2019-2021
Meeting Schedule

These meetings are open to anyone who wants to attend.

October 23, 2020        11:00 am to 12:00 pm     Virtual / Micorsoft Teams

November 20, 2020     11:00 am to 12:00 pm     Virtual / Microsoft Teams

     Please contact Lorraine Brown if you have any questions.