General Education Review Committee 2011-12


July 24, 2012

The General Education Review Committee is asking for comment on Version 1 of the changes for AAS General Education requirements. This proposal was introduced to Senate as an information item at the March 2012 meeting
Please note that this draft proposal is a work in progress and we would like your perspective and input to help guide the AAS process.

Changes From Current AAS Requirements and Rational: The only substantive change from current AAS requirements is lowering the Natural Science credit requirement from 6 to 3 credits. The rational for this is two-fold. First, the new BOR Natural Science minimums for AAS Degrees is 3 credits (not 6 credits). Second, the vast majority of AAS degrees already include a significant science or mathematical component. In consultation with representatives from AAS programs, the Committee did not find that reducing the Natural Science requirement diminished the rigor of AAS Degrees. Also, lowering the Natural Science requirements helps AAS programs to adapt to the new BOR 60 credit standard for Associate degrees.


Two Additions to AAS that have not been approved by Senate:

  1. The proposal for AAS degrees includes an objective for 'Human Relations' and a set of outcomes for the same. These are new and were not approved buy Senate with the transfer degree General Education proposal.
  2. The objective outcomes for AAS 'Mathematics' has been adjusted for the AAS degrees. These are new and were not approved buy Senate with the transfer degree General Education proposal.
  3. Populated course lists for AAS have been updated to reflect changes already approved for transfer degrees.
Please use the Comment Form to submit your input on Populating Course lists, Outcomes, Definitions of Outcomes, or any other relevant issue. If you prefer, you can also contact your department chairs or lead faculty/program directors, or any of the committee members. A list is provided.
Thank you for your input.


Nancy Cassell
Jason Cifra (Ex Officio)
Darin Dockstader - Chair
Jeff Fulmer
Bob Gutschick
Beverly Jackson (Ex Officio)
Eric Moreau
Joe Miller
Harold Nations
Sharon Peterson
Carrie Preite
Margaret Taylor
Hyla Winters (Ex Officio)
Jana Wolf
John Ziebell
Pat Zozaya (Ex Officio)