Next Faculty Senate Meeting
* September 3, 2021
* 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
* Location: Remote
* Meeting Link

FS Leadership & Senators

Dr. Julian Smit - Chair
Tracy Sherman - Chair-Elect
Dr. Maria Schellhase - Past-Chair
Melissa Weinstein - Arts & Letters
Jacob Bakke - Administrative Faculty
Robb Bay - Business, Hospitality & Public Services
Rebecca Blunk - Library
Andre Scalon - Health Sciences
Valerie Conner - Counseling
Sondra Cosgrove - Education, Behavioral & Social Sciences
Dorthia Daudier - Health Sciences
Jeff Fulmer - Administrative Faculty
Melissa Giovanni - Science & Mathematics
Denise Gustafson - Health Sciences
Joann Gutschick - Health Sciences
Kellie Hagewen - Education, Behavioral & Social Sciences
James Harvey - Arts & Letters
Arnold Bell - Arts & Letters
Glen Hortizuela - Advanced & Applied Tech
Karen Hyman - Arts & Letters
Philip Koch - Science & Mathematics
Joshua Levin - Education, Behavioral & Social Sciences
LaDella Levy - Education, Behavioral & Social Sciences
Jim Matovina - Science & Mathematics
Regina McDade - Health Sciences
Joe Miller - Advanced & Applied Tech
Paul McBurnett - Science & Mathematics
Lily Morningstar - Advanced & Applied Tech
William Neff - Arts & Letters
Chip Rosenblum - Business, Hospitality & Public Services
Michael Schoenberger - Business, Hospitality & Public Services
Joshua Stomel - Science & Mathematics
Staci Walters - Arts & Letters

Contigent Senators - Spring 2021
Alicia Briancon
Jeremy Fisher

Mission Statement

The mission of the Faculty Senate is to ensure faculty participation in the formulation and evaluation of College of Southern Nevada (CSN) policies and goals. The Faculty Senate promotes inclusiveness, tenure, collegiality, academic quality, progressive instructional programs, and the betterment of the institution as a whole by fostering and protecting shared governance. Serving as a liaison between faculty, administration, the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) and Board of Regents, the Faculty Senate provides a mechanism for the entire faculty and staff to participate in the decision-making process of CSN. The Faculty Senate supports academic freedom and the College's ongoing mission of student success.

Senate Office:
Phone: (702) 651-7330
Fax: (702) 651-5878
Sort: WCE310
Room: WC E314A