Faculty, Staff, and Students are able to harness the power of Facilities Management web based work order system iServiceDesk. This technology enables you to:

   - Submit and query work request in real time
   - Query open and closed work order numbers
   - Search for specific work requests
   - Receive e-mail notifications as requests are accepted into work orders
   - Create instant documentation for all your requests and have information at any time

iServiceDesk is easy to use and does not require a password or special codes. Simply make a selection from the list of options on the left navigation area and follow the instructions. We hope you'll take advantage of all that iServiceDesk has to offer. By using it, you're helping us further our continuous goal of providing the best customer service possible.

There are 5 different types of work requests. Each request prompts the user with specific questions pertaining to the type of request.  You can access it at:  iServiceDesk.

Work Request
A Work Request is used for requests ranging from replacing a light bulb to repairing a leak in the ceiling.  This request has a free text field to fill out so you may type whatever is needed.

Key Request
A Key Request is used for requests dealing with e-access cards or mechanical keys. This form provides questions that help speed the process along.  New keys will require approval from the department Dean or AVP/VP.  This approval request is sent electronically when your request is submitted by selecting your Key Approver on the form.  If a mechanical key is lost or stolen a police report must be filed before requesting a new key.

Sign Request
A Sign Request is used to create a nameplate for your office door as well as replacing/creating a sign for your department. The form provides a field for the name for the sign and when and where it needs to be delivered. If a sign has fallen down you may submit a Work Request as described above.

Office Request
An Office Request is used to request a new office.  Once submitted, the request will be electronically routed to the responsible Vice President for approval.

Recycling and Shredding
CSN Facilities Management promotes the efforts of Faculty, Students and Staff to participate in our Recycling Program.  If you have questions or suggestions, call 702-651-4057 or email us at Contact Us

Event Request
The Events Management Office is the central office for coordinating, planning and hosting events at the College of Southern Nevada. The team facilitates one stop support and services, including identifying the best location and set-up for events. In collaboration with Facilities Management, Public Safety and the Office of Technology Services, the Events Management Office can arrange the necessary logistical support needed. They can can be reach at https://www.csn.edu/eventrequest or 702-651-3590.

Siri MSDS Index
This is a free service offered to search the SIRI MSDS collection. It provides hazardous materials safety information to students, educators, lab personnel and administrative personnel on and off campus.

Main Contact Information:


Mailing Address:

Facilities Management
Sort Code HNDT230
3200 East Cheyenne Avenue
North Las Vegas, Nevada 89030-4296


iServiceDesk FAQs

It doesn’t matter if you are full-time, part-time, teaching or administrative faculty, classified staff, student, or visitor, you may have a facilities question and wonder, “Who do I contact or where do I find the answer?”  We have compiled a brief introduction to the iServiceDesk Work Request system and the questions that we are asked most frequently.  We hope they will provide you with some quick information. 

I see an urgent facilities situation that requires immediate attention what should I do?

Call the Facilities Management front desk at 702.651.4888. 

What is a Work Request and how do I submit one?

CSN Facilities Management has a great resource in its work request system called iServiceDesk which is CSN’s Work Request System.  You can access it at:  http://iservicedesk.csn.edu/home.html.  This user-friendly system will walk you through the steps to submit a Work Request, Event Request, Key Request, Sign Request or Office Request.  You can use it to follow up on the status of your request or work order through the entire process.  The information on the back of this document will explain the difference between each request.

How do I report that my office is too hot or too cold?

All building temperatures are set within a range of 70-75°.  If your office/area is outside of these tolerances, please submit an iServiceDesk Work Request (see above) and a technician will be dispatched.

My office is cleaned weekly, but due to the type of work that I do, the trash needs to be emptied daily.  Can this be arranged?

You bet!  The custodial staff is in the common areas every day.  Simply place your trash can outside of your office door and they will empty it. 

Where do I get a name plate for my office, and who pays for it?

Access the iServiceDesk at http://iservicedesk.csn.edu/home.html and click on the Sign Request icon located on the left hand side of the page. You will not be charged for your name plate.

It’s raining and there is a leak in my office.  What do I do?

Submit a Work Request.  If water is leaking on equipment or computers call the front desk at x4888 then submit a work request and a technician will be dispatched. A leak is not able to be repaired while it is raining but we will contain the leak then repair it once the rain has stopped.

I’m moving boxes from one office to another.  What do I need to do?

Once again, use the iServiceDesk to help you with your move.  After your Office Request is approved submit a Work Request to request boxes, packing material and tape for your move.  Include the amount of these materials that you need on the Work Request and the date that you’ll need them delivered.

Once you have packed your items, submit another Work Request to establish a date by which you will need to have your boxes moved to the new location.  One important note: Typically, furniture is not moved from one office or area to another.

Sustainability and Conservation

Facilities Management is proud of the work we have accomplished to support and enhance Sustainability (“Green”) Initiatives on our campuses and sites.  The Facilities staff have researched and adopted many of the new Best in Class standards in our effort to maintain clean and healthy buildings on our campuses and to maximize staff productivity and utilize sustainable products, materials and equipment.


We thought you might like to know of some of the highlights of which we are most proud!


Alternative Energy
Look up!  The sun we enjoy in southern Nevada is working for us.  You may not know it, but solar energy is being generated all around us at CSN.   The Alternative Energy Master Plan developed in 2009 identified all of the possible locations where solar power would be viable on the three main campuses.  The following have been completed and are hard at work for us:

  • Installed 283 Kw of solar panels at the three main campuses and received a total of $1Million in rebates through NV Energy Solar Generations Program; the return on investment is estimated to be within seven years.
  • The Fire Station located at West Charleston (a partnership opportunity with the City of Las Vegas) included installation of 30 Kw of solar panels for power generation.
  • The Cheyenne Campus Planetarium sign is powered by solar panels.
  • The lighting for the west-side parking lot at Henderson Campus is solar powered.


Water Conservation
Every time a toilet flushes or the water turns on in a sink, there is the potential for water conservation.  CSN has installed motion sensors on urinals and lavatories during new building construction and will continue to make those changes in existing buildings.  There is more to do, but we are making good progress.

New Irrigation Control Systems with weather stations for monitoring ongoing climate changes have been installed at our main campuses.  This real-time automated program reduces operational costs and increases water allocations and efficiencies.  It is also a very smart system!  It monitors the irrigation system for faults in the water lines so that any failures can be fixed in a jiffy.


Green Cleaning Products
Facilities Management has made great strides in the “green cleaning” area having worked on it for a number of years.  We can now report that all cleaning products used at CSN are Green Seal and GreenGuard certified.  

  • We discontinued using phenolic-based disinfectants, butyl and ammoniated cleaners and removed ammonia and bleach from our inventories.
  • We have substantially reduced the number of various cleaning products that are used.  For example, the inventory of products used in floor finishing has been reduced to two.  This reduces the amount of packaging that must be thrown away and helps with the impact on the environment.
  • Paper towels that we use are made from 40% recycled content and toilet seat covers from 100% recycled paper.

Instead of using disposable rags and oil-treated mops, we have implemented use of microfiber rags (that remove 95% of contaminants) and reusable mops that can be laundered and reused