The Faculty Senate Elections Committee is a Standing Committee created and charged by Senate Bylaws to do the following:

  • Advise the Senate on matters related to elections for faculty representatives.
  • Conduct elections for Senators representing full-time academic faculty, Faculty Senate Chair-Elect and any other office or representative as directed by applicable CSN policy.
  • Review and recommend policies and procedures related to these elections.
  • Complete a report recommending any reapportionment of Senate representation necessitated by these bylaws.
  • Review and make recommendations on other topics related to its primary charge as directed by the Senate Chair with the approval of the Executive Committee.


 Meeting Schedule 



Elections Committee Members List
Member School Term
Nancy Webb - Chair Administrative Faculty Assembly 2020-2022
Susan Allen Health Sciences 2020-2022
Brad Brady Counseling 2019-2021
Jessica Carlson Health Services 2019-2021
Valerie Conner Counseling 2019-2021
Christopher Davis Arts & Letters 2020-2022
Bob Diaz Advanced & Applied Technologies 2020-2022
Robert Gutschick Business, Hospitality & Public Services 2019-2021
Aaron Harris Science & Mathematics 2020-2022
Gracie McDonough Library 2020-2022
Elisabeth McLaren Arts & Letters 2019-2021
Don Mirjanian Education, Behavioral & Social Science 2019-2021
Debbie Mzhickteno Counseling 2019-2021
Gail Thomas Part-Time Faculty / EBSS 2019-2021
Ky Wimpfheimer Education, Behavioral & Social Science 2019-2021