Prepared by Pamela Gallion, M.Ed, MBA CSN Institutional Research Fall 2015 Snapshot Survey Report EXECUTIVE SUMMARY OVERVIEW The Work Climate committee (WCC) utilizes two complementary surveys to evaluate workplace climate. The WCC continues to utilize the comprehensive Personal Assessment of the College Environment (PACE) survey as administered by the National Initiative for Leadership and Institutional Effectiveness (NILIE) on a three-year cycle (2012, 2015, etc.) to measure workplace climate issues at CSN. However, the WCC saw opportunity and value in creating and administering a smaller and more frequent in-house survey (through CSN’s Office of Institutional Research) to both follow up on topics addressed in the PACE survey and explore other emerging issues of climate at CSN. This smaller survey could be constructed and reported on in a timely fashion, would be customizable to address a variety of topics or issues and was free of the costs associated with the comprehensive PACE survey. This new survey was named “Snapshot” as it offered a glimpse into the climate status of CSN employees at the moment when it was completed. The Snapshot was NOT created to replace the PACE survey, but rather to be used in conjunction with it as another tool to assess, evaluate and report of matters of workplace climate at CSN. The pilot snapshot survey was conducted in the spring of 2014, and a report was submitted in early 2015 based on the findings of that report. The WCC adjusted the snapshot as needed and incorporated some new themes and sent out a new survey in the fall of 2015.
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