To All – Our Fiscal Year End is coming up soon. April 25th (Transaction Date) is the cut‐off for ONLY State Operating accounts (FUND: FD107‐FD129) and Grant accounts (FUND: FD501‐FD503) ending on June 30, 2018 on the P‐Card. Please be mindful that not all merchants charge your P‐Cards on the day of your purchase, they may batch their charges before they submit them to the bank to save on fees and your purchase won’t necessarily hit your P‐Card account until the next day or so. Please plan your purchases accordingly! CONTINUE TO USE THE P‐CARD FOR ALL OTHER APPROVED ACCOUNTS (example: Soft Funds or Grants that do not expire on 6/30/18). ***Let me know if you have any questions regarding this.*** Communication with the P‐Card department is very important! Please contact us if you have any questions, comments or concerns. If we send you an email request, please respond. We wish to have an open line of communication with you. If you have any issues, we can usually resolve them. To Direct Supervisors (Transaction Approvers) – If you are Reviewing a P‐Card Transaction and need to request changes from the Cardholder, please use the Send Back button and request the changes. Do Not Use the Deny button, this will cause issues for the Finance Department. To Cardholders – If you receive a Refund, please Verify it to the same Spend Category, Worktag, and Detail Code if applicable as the Original purchase. The refund transaction needs to balance out the original charge. Please be mindful of your Billing Cycle Deadlines. Don’t wait until the end of the cycle to Verify your Transactions. It is best practice to Verify your transactions throughout the month. If you will be out of the office, please plan ahead and make sure your transactions are Verified before you leave. The Billing Cycle Calendar can be found on our website at Reminder, Services are restricted from the P‐Card without Purchasing’s approval so you should not be selecting a Services Spend Category. I know it is sometimes difficult to find an appropriate Spend Category, you can always contact me and we can find one that best suits your purchase.
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