Direct Supervisors (Transaction Approvers) – If you Send Back a P-Card Transaction for corrections, please bring it to the Cardholder’s attention so they can take care of it right away. If the Cardholder is not in Workday, they will not receive the In-Box Notifications. Cardholders - If you haven’t attended the Mandatory P-Card Training yet, please register in CAPE for the Final session: Cardholders - If you have attended the Mandatory P-Card Training, you are required to take the P-Card Quiz in CANVAS within 15 business days prior to class. Here are the deadlines for the Quiz. You must pass with an 85% or higher by the deadline: Cardholders – Please be mindful of your Billing Cycle Deadlines. Don’t wait until the end of the cycle to Verify your Transactions. If you will be out of the office, please plan ahead and make sure your transactions are Verified before you leave. The Billing Cycle Calendar can be found on our website at To All – Communication with the P-Card department is very important! Please contact us if you have any questions, comments or concerns. If we send you an email request, please respond. We wish to have an open line of communication with you. If you have any issues, we can usually resolve them.
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