Student registers for courses at BOTH institutions. Student completes "Co-Enrollment Form", see link below. Student submits Co-Enrollment Form to CSN Financial Aid Office, together with, A copy of the students CSN degree sheet reflecting the course(s) taken at the Host institution, signed by the student and a counselor or academic advisor no earlier than 4 weeks prior to submittal. A statement by the student detailing the reason for the request to take classes at another institution. The form must be submitted no later than the end of the semester for which co-enrollment is requested. Incomplete Co-Enrollment Forms (information and/or attachments missing) will not be processed. CSN Millennium Scholarship Office will notify the student via e-mail, as well as the HOST institution, and the Millennium Scholarship Office at the Nevada State Treasurer of the decision. If approved, each institution will pay Millennium Scholarship funds for credits taken at their campus, at a maximum of 15 credits combined. It is the responsibility of the student to transfer credits from the Host institution to the Home institution.
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