Environmental Strategies  Committee


MISSION STATEMENT:  This committee has been tasked with developing and soliciting ideas for projects, policies, and social events to improve the working and physical environment for the CSN Community.


Committee Members:

         Chair: Michael Connolly- Contact Us

                  A & L: None

                  EBSS: Fred Conquest- Contact Us

                           No Second Representative

                  S & M: Roger Rennels- Contact Us

                            Minnie Schlesinger- Contact Us

                 BHPS:  Rene Rosich- Contact Us

                          No Second Representative

                  SHS: None

                  AAT: Shankara Babu- Contact Us


                 Library: Christine Shore- Contact Us

                 Counseling: Jennelle Benedetti- Contact Us

                 AFA:  Haunani Taylor- Contact Us