The Engelstad School of Health Sciences (ESHS) is home to 78 full-time instructional faculty, 85 part-time faculty, 5 administrative faculty, and 15 classified staff. Per Fall 2013 final data, there were 2,279 unduplicated majors and 4,388 unduplicated pre-professional program students enrolled. There are a total of 2 Baccalaureate Degree, 12 Associate Degree, 8 Certificate of Achievement, and 10 Certificate of Completion programs distributed over three Departments: Dental Sciences, Diagnostic Evaluation, and Rehabilitation Services; Health-Related Professions; and Nursing. All of the Degree programs and most of the Certificate of Achievement programs are Limited Entry, requiring a separate application process, attendance at a Health Programs Orientation, and compliance with specific selection criteria. Certificate of Completion programs are Open Entry.
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