The College of Southern Nevada (CSN) is committed to assisting its faculty, staff and students to comply with copyright laws and procedures. Copyright infri ngement is the act of exercising, without permission or legal authority, one or more of the exclusive rights granted to the copyright owner under section 106 of the Copyright Act (Title 17 of the United States Code). In the file sharing context, downloadi ng or uploading substantial parts of a copyrighted work without authority constitutes an infringement (this includes material posted on the internet in violation of the copyright laws) . The unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material, including peer -to-peer file sharing, may subj ect the unauthorized user to civil and criminal liabilities. Nationally, much effort has been made to implement practices and procedures that will combat the unauthorized use or distribution of copyrighted material. Users of CSN’s resources including its network, internet facilities, etc., must exercise personal responsibility to ensure compliance with copyright requirements.
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