Fine Arts Juried Student exhibition

After one year off due to the COVID 19 global pandemic, the College of Southern Nevada Fine Arts Gallery is excited to share its annual Juried Student Exhibition, virtually this year, for the first time ever! This virtual exhibition features student artwork made as part of CSN Fine Arts Department, Art and Art History courses with media including drawing, painting, printmaking, and design. This year’s exhibition will feature awards selected by guest juror, artist, curator and gallery owner, Priscilla Fowler. Fowler is the founder and owner of the award-winning Priscilla Fowler Fine Art Gallery, located in the center of the Las Vegas Arts District. Priscilla Fowler Fine Art features art by local, regional, and national professional artists with solo and small group exhibitions in a range of media and subject matter, including painting, sculpture, mixed media and collage, fiber, and ceramics. In 2020 Priscilla Fowler Fine Art was named “Best Las Vegas Gallery” by Desert Companion, the magazine of Las Vegas public radio.

Priscilla Fowler is a contemporary mixed media artist whose abstract work strongly evokes natural forms. Fowler has shown along the Front Range in Colorado; nationally, in solo, juried, and group shows, including solos in Denver at the Buell Theater, the Pattern Shop Studio, and Pirate Contemporary Art. Recent exhibits include Imagined Biologies (with Virginia Jenkins) at the Dairy in Boulder, The Real Draw at the Drawing Festival in Fort Collins in 2014; and locally in Las Vegas City Hall and her own art gallery, Priscilla Fowler Fine Art.

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Juror’s Statement

“This group of pieces is a wonderful mix of ideas and expressions. To me, it shows how important it is for students at any level to study art. Where else can they find the opportunity to show what they are thinking and feeling, as well as the wonderful skills and problem-solving ability that they have acquired?

It was challenging to decide which works to give which prizes to!  Ultimately my choices were based on a response that was a mix of an appreciation of skills and narrative. If the work spoke to me and told a story, that was as important as the skills with which the story was expressed. For example, Can You See It mixed landscape, underwater scenery, and strange perspective along with a strong mix of color in various media. Untitled combines cartoon-style drawing with representational imagery and intense emotion. By the Water at first appears to be an ancient landscape but on closer examination, the animals and vegetation are exotic for either ancient or contemporary times. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, sex and procreation, is here shown as sad, ambiguous: it is up to the viewer to consider why that might be the case.

There is much more to explore and enjoy, and I hope you do.”

-Priscilla Fowler

Grand Prize: Isabela Jimenez,

Aphrodite, Oil on Canvas, Painting I, Professor Suzanne Acosta jimenez - Aphrodite

First Prize: Crystal Marcelo

Untitled, Prisma Colored Pencils and Blick Chalk Pastels on Paper, Painting I, Professor Suzanne Acosta
Marcell-untitled picture

Second Prize: Teesa Thompson

Portrait of My Brother, Oil on Canvas, Painting I, Professor Lolita Develay
Second Prize: Teesa Thompson, “Portrait of My Brother”, Oil on Canvas, 20” x 20", Art 231, Painting I, Professor Lolita Develay

Third Prize: Ellie Rush

By the Water, Digital (Adobe Photoshop), Design Fundamentals III, Professor Keith Conley
Ellie Rush - By the water

Honorable Mention: Anna Gurova

Pastel Infusion, Acrylic Paint on Paper, Design Fundamentals I (2D), Professor Keith Conley
Gurova-Pastel Infusion

Honorable Mention: Isabela Jimenez

Pieces Of Me, Acrylic on Canvas, Design Fundamentals I (2D), Professor Kathleen Nathan
Jimenez-Pieces Of Me

Honorable Mention: Kaitlynne Lopez

Upper Hand, Colored Pencil on Paper, Drawing II, Professor Suzanne Acosta
Lopez-Upper Hand

Honorable Mention: Myriam Mahmoud

Wilting Foliage, Ink on Paper, Design Fundamentals III, Professor Keith Conley
Mahmoud - Wilting Foliage

Honorable Mention: Justin Males

Both Sides, Solar Plate Printmaking, Introduction to Printmaking, Professor Anne M. Hoff
Males-Both Sides

Honorable Mention: Justin Males

The End, Relief Printmaking, Introduction to Printmaking, Anne M. Hoff
Males - the end

Honorable Mention: Crystal Marcelo

“Can You See It?", Prisma Colored Pencils, Blick Chalk Pastels, Permanent Marker on Paper, Painting I, Professor Suzanne Acosta
Marcelo-Can you see it?

Honorable Mention: Ram Patel

Drapery, Digital MediaDrawing I, Professor Suzanne Acosta
Ram Patel-Drapery

Honorable Mention: Ram Patel

Intertwined, India Ink, Ink Wash, Digital Media, Drawing I, Professor Suzanne Acosta
Ram Patel-Intertwined

Honorable Mention: Ram Patel

Through the Planchette, Graphite and Digital Media, I, Professor Suzanne Acosta
Ram Patel-Through the Planchette

Honorable Mention: Novia Perkins

Atypical Virility, Intaglio on Handmade Paper, Introduction to Printmaking, Professor Anne M. Hoff
Novia Perkins-Atypical Virility

Honorable Mention: Ellis Rush

Prickly Perch, Digital (Blender 3D), Design Fundamentals III, Professor Keith Conley
Ellis Rush-Prickly Perch

Honorable Mention: Ellis Rush

Three of a Kind, Digital (Adobe Illustrator), 2400x2400 pixels, ART 156, Design Fundamentals III, Professor Keith Conley
Ellis Rush-Three of a Kind

Honorable Mention: Jessica Samaniego

Jessica, Oil on Canvas, 9” x 12”, Art 231, Painting I, Professor Suzanne Acosta

The CSN Art Galleries would like to thank its guest juror, Ms. Priscilla Fowler, and its outstanding community partners, Blick Art Materials, CSN Follett Bookstores, Desert Art Supplies, Kendall Hunt Publishing Company, the Neon Museum of Las Vegas for their generous support of this exhibition and our students.

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