Welcome to the CSN data dashboard page! This site houses publicly available interactive reports (a.k.a. data dashboards) created to support institutional decision making. Each report has its own set of visualizations and filters that can be manipulated to "dig into the data". Power BI Introduction provides a basic overview of dashboard functionality.

Scheduling Dashboards

Drillable FTE and Fill Rates (Fullness) to assist academic departments with course schedule review and management.

SPRING 2021 FALL 2020  SUMMER 2020

spring 2020 FALL 2019 SUMMER 2019


Student Demographics Dashboards

Student demographics by semester and campus.

Student Profile


Student Success Dashboards

Important success metrics tracked over various disaggregations.



Transfer-out Dashboard

Transfer-our rates by institution and by demographic for IPEDS FT/PT students

transfer summary


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