CSN Human Resources is pleased to announce that the CSN Salary Study has been finalized.  The intention of this study was to provide a comprehensive compression and equity review and analysis of all full-time Academic and Administrative Faculty positions in the most transparent way possible. A steering committee was appointed to provide employees with updated information regarding the study to include project presentations, the appeal process, and FAQs. Employees are encouraged to explore this page frequently to ensure they receive all current information.

Project Presentations

Current State of Classification and Compensation System
CSN utilizes a six(6)-grade broad salary structure (A, B, C, D, E, and EX), in accordance with the NSHE salary framework and guidelines, for its Administrative Faculty positions.

View the CSN Classification and Compensation Study Employee Kick-off Presentation.

View the College of Southern NevadaStudy Update –Initial Pay Equity Analysis

View the College of Southern Nevada Pay Equity & Pay Compression Executive Summary


Appeals Process:


Will I get a raise?

This depends on the results of the study and placement of your job in the salary structure. If the study results in a particular classification placed in a pay grade and being paid less than minimum of the pay range, we will recommend an appropriate salary adjustment. However, increases depend on the availability of funds for that purpose and on the College’s acceptance of any such recommendations. We cannot guarantee that anyone’s salary will be increased.

Will my salary be cut?

No salaries were cut based on the results of the study. Rather, some salaries may be red-circled (frozen) if they are over the maximum of the new pay range, until the maximum of the range catches up to the employee’s salary as a result of periodic salary range adjustments, or until the employee is promoted to another classification.

What other organizations will be compared with ours for the salary survey?

This is not an external salary study.  We are determining appropriate pay range placement based on job content and internal equity.

How does the appeal process work?

Please reference the appeal process tab on this website.

Who has final authority for implementing the Consultant’s recommendations?

It is up to the College’s senior leadership (President and Vice Presidents).

When will the results be implemented?

The first increase will be retroactive to 07/01/2019 & will be reflected on your 04/01/2020 payroll. The second adjustment will be effective 07/01/2020 & reflected on your 08/01/2020 payroll.

My new job description does not describe what I do, so how will I be placed in the right grade?

Prior to the commencement of the Study, CSN’s Human Resources solicited current job descriptions from all Administrative Faculty. The goal of this project is to ensure all Administrative Faculty are in the correct grade and then placement within the grade. 

What happens if the classification assignment is at a lower or higher compensation level than an individual’s current job?

If an employee was assigned to a classification with a lower compensation, the employee would be held harmlmess at current salary levels until compensation associated with the new class "caught up" with the individual's current salary.  If the outcome of the Study is to classify a position to a classification with a higher associated salary, the individual would be given the commensurate placement on the compensation range for the new class.  Depending on the size of the increase and the available funds, any increase may need to be accomplished in phases.