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Welcome to Printing Services online ordering.


We can design and produce your job for you, and at less cost. We provide black and color copies for tests, study guides, charts, syllabus, handouts and anything else you may need. We also offer several paper colors and stocks. In addition to printing, we offer laminating, folding, cutting, drill/punch and more.

To make your event, group or club stand out, we offer large format banners of various sizes and re-usable banner stands. We offer competitive prices on posters too; both laminated or non-laminated, with various sizes and backings. We are the providers of all business cards, letterhead and stationery envelopes for CSN. When you order online your job comes to us immediately on approval, and we offer daily deliveries to all campuses and locations.


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Provides a full array of services including graphic design, offset and digital printing, large format printing, and bindery/finishing operations.

Printing Services Staff:

Jennifer Gray
Director of Auxiliary Services
Sort Code NLVF-110
Trig Crawford
Reprographics Supervisor I
Sort Code NLVN-145
Susan Mitchell
Graphic Designer II
Sort Code NLVN-145
Michael Carns
Offset Press Operator
Sort Code NLVN-145
Sean Markum
IT Technician VI
Sort Code NLVN-145



Color & Black/White

· If your job has both color pages and black/white pages, select the “Copies - Black and Color” option. Enter the number of pages with color in the field “Pages in Color.” This print option helps to reduce the price significantly.

· When you have the option to select the type of color to save in your file, use CMYK. Printing uses CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black). CMYK is different from RGB (Red, Green & Blue), as RGB is used for items to be viewed on screen.



· If your order is for a book, the “Number of Pages” requested is just the inside of the book. The pages for the cover are already included.

· Paper stock is priced by the sheet, not the package. A standard ream of paper is 500 sheets. Index paper is 250 per package.


Sizing & Bleeds

· If your job is 5.5 x 8.5 or 4.25 x 5.5, send it to us one size up. In the cutting, note the number of copies that will be printed on the page. (i.e. 5.5 x 8.5 = 2 copies). We can ensure everything fits.

· A bleed is when the background goes all the way to the edge. To achieve this, anything printing all the way to the edge needs to go beyond by at least 1/8” as illustrated below. The black line is the edge of the page, the pink line shows the safe area for any needed copy and the blue is the minimum needed to trim.



Extra Help

· If there’s something in your job that you aren’t sure about, submit it as a “Special Request”. Include the quantity, skip the second page and click “Request Quote.” Add as

much information as possible in the “Job Description” box. (i.e. quantity, size, ink, paper, fold, bind, etc.). We will collaborate with you on this job to ensure it’s what you envisioned.