Vaccine Distribution Information 

CSN is collaborating with UNLV to support the availability of the COVID-19 vaccine to our southern Nevada institutions' faculty, staff, and students. UNLV has been designated as a point-of-dispensing (POD) location for the COVID-19 vaccine for Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) and southern Nevada institutions.

The process for vaccination is being performed in coordination with NSHE and partnership across the state. Information is continuing to evolve updates including timing, availability, and how to make vaccination appointments will be posted on this page.

Please send questions to the CSN Wellness team 

NSHE Vaccination Effort - FAQ

Nevada System of Higher Education employees

Q: Who is eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at the UNLV and CSN Henderson locations?

A: Vaccinations are being administered to NSHE faculty, staff and students based solely on their institutional roles and risk of exposure in that role. We also are assisting with all individuals in health care, public safety, law enforcement and emergency response in the broader community.

NSHE’s next priority will be to vaccinate individuals who must be on campus due to the nature of their roles and, therefore, are most at risk for COVID-19 exposure. These are  employees who have essential on-campus positions which interact face-to-face with students, other faculty, or the public. These individuals cannot perform their essential job duties off-campus, and have not paused on-campus work during the pandemic.

Please keep in mind that while you may be later in the priority based on your affiliation and role with NSHE, your circumstances may be deemed a higher priority in the community immunization effort. Speak with your healthcare provider regarding vaccination options and visit the Southern Nevada Health District’s website regarding community distribution.

NSHE institutions include: UNLV, College of Southern Nevada, Desert Research Institute, Nevada State College, UNR, Truckee Meadows Community College and the NSHE administration.

Q: When can I get my vaccine?

A: Vaccines to the NSHE community began Jan. 11, 2021, which includes essential/frontline community support roles such as health care and public safety. NSHE faculty, staff and students will receive a notification from their institution when they are eligible to register for the vaccine, based on the State of Nevada Vaccination Program Playbook.

Please keep in mind that while you may be later in the priority based on your affiliation and role with NSHE, your circumstances may be deemed a higher priority in the community immunization effort. Visit the Southern Nevada Health District website for information on vaccinations for the general public.

Q: How do I find my NSHE ID?

A: Individuals needing to locate their NSHE ID number can access the information via the Home page.

  • Click on the Cloud Icon in the top right corner and choose View Profile.
  • Click on Actions under your name in the left menu.
  • From the Actions menu, select Personal Data.
  • Select View My ID Information.
  • Click Other IDs.
  • Your NSHE ID is the 10-digit number displayed in the Identification # column.

Q: Are my dependents eligible to receive the vaccine through the NSHE program?

A:  NSHE and the university are currently only vaccinating active faculty, staff and students. The Southern Nevada Health District will provide information about the availability of vaccinations for the general public.

Q: After arriving at an NSHE vaccination site, how long does it take to receive the vaccination?

A: Upon arrival, you will go through a check-in process to confirm your identification and eligibility. This process time will vary but is generally taking from 15 – 30 minutes.  Following your vaccination per CDC recommendation, you must remain onsite for 15-30 minutes for observation.

Q: Can I choose the brand of vaccine I get?

A: No. You will be provided with the vaccine available that day. You will not be notified in advance if the vaccine administered on a given day will be from Pfizer or Moderna. You will receive a CDC vaccination record card noting the type of vaccine (Moderna or Pfizer) you received, and the date you will need to return for your second dose.

Q: How will I know when to return for my second shot?

A: At your appointment, you will receive a CDC vaccination record card noting the type of vaccine (Moderna or Pfizer) you received, and the date you will need to return for your second dose. You will receive reminders via text, email and phone five days prior, two days prior and one day prior to your appointment.  The reminder includes date, time and location for second vaccination.

Q: Where do I park at the UNLV vaccination site?

A: Parking at UNLV for vaccination appointments is available in Lot D, accessible via Harmon Avenue from S. Maryland Parkway.

Q:  Where do I park at the CSN vaccination site?

A:  Parking at CSN for vaccination appointments is available in front of the Student Union, accessible off of College Drive and Heather Drive.

Q: How do I make an appointment to get vaccinated through NSHE?

A: When you are eligible to register for the NSHE vaccine, you will receive a notification with a link to the registration portal.

A few important things to note about registration:

Your information and your role will be cross-referenced to confirm your vaccination eligibility.

Be sure to complete all fields on the registration form. Your appointment is subject to cancellation if full information is not provided.

You will be asked to upload a photo of your insurance card if you have one. While your insurance will be billed for services, you will not receive a bill and will not incur a personal charge for the vaccine. 

Q: How do I reschedule or cancel my vaccination appointment?

A: To reschedule or cancel your appointment or modify your registration information, please  contact the CSN Wellness team as soon as possible.

Q: I registered to get vaccinated through NSHE but I have not received an appointment yet. How can I get help?

A: Contact the CSN Wellness team we can assist you. If you have not received an appointment, your self-designation makes you ineligible for the current approved designations.  You will be contacted as soon as your designation is eligible for the vaccine.

Q: If I change jobs/leave the NSHE system after my first dose, am I still eligible to receive the second dose?

A: Yes. You must receive both doses from the same location for medical record purposes.

Q: If I attend one of the Northern Nevada NSHE campuses but live in Southern Nevada and am attending school remotely, or attend school in Northern Nevada but am attending school remotely from home in Southern Nevada, where can I get my vaccination?

A: Yes. Individuals currently affiliated with northern Nevada NSHE institutions who are working in Southern Nevada and qualify under the current priority group should reach out to the CSN Wellness team.

General Public

Q: How can I get a vaccine?

A: The Southern Nevada Health District is providing information about the availability of vaccinations for the general public.

Seniors age 70 and over can now register for the vaccine at one of several locations on the health district’s registration portal. Please check the website frequently as appointments and locations are being added daily.

General Vaccine Questions

Q: Do I have to wear a mask after being vaccinated?

A: Yes. CDC recommends that during the pandemic people wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth when in contact with others outside your household, when in healthcare facilities, and when receiving any vaccine, including a COVID-19 vaccine. While you may be vaccinated, others may not be.

While experts learn more about the protection that COVID-19 vaccines provide under real-life conditions, it will be important for everyone to continue using all the tools available to us to help stop this pandemic, including wearing masks,  frequent hand washing, and social distancing. Experts need to understand more about the protection that COVID-19 vaccines provide before deciding to change recommendations for these practices that slow the spread of the virus. Other factors, including how many people get vaccinated and how the virus is spreading in communities, will also affect this decision.

Q: If I have already had COVID-19 and recovered, do I still need to get a COVID-19 vaccine when it's available?

A: Yes. According to the CDC, you should get the vaccine regardless of whether or not you have had COVID-19. Current evidence suggests that COVID-19 reinfection is uncommon in the 90 days after initial infection. For information, please read the CDC’s advice in the “Getting Vaccinated” section of its website.

Q: Why should I get the vaccine?

A: The CDC recommends the COVID-19 vaccination to help keep you from getting COVID-19, to build up your immunity to the virus; and to help stop the pandemic. For detailed information, please read “Benefits of Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine” on the CDC website.

Our goal as part of NSHE is to vaccinate as many of our faculty, staff and students as possible to safeguard the health and safety of our community. It also will help to get our students and faculty back in the classroom, lab, and field, doing what they do best – innovating, engaging, creating, and improving the world around us.

Every individual’s situation is different so please talk with your primary care provider about the vaccine and what is right for you. For more information, please read “Benefits of Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine” on the CDC website.

Q: How long is the vaccination effective?

A: According to the CDC, we won’t know how long immunity lasts until we have a vaccine and more data on how well it works. Both natural immunity and vaccine-induced immunity are important aspects of COVID-19 that experts are trying to learn more about, and CDC will keep the public informed as new evidence becomes available. Visit the CDC’s website for information.

Q: Am I contagious after I get the vaccine?

A: No. Neither the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine contain a live virus. Visit the CDC for information on how Messenger RNA vaccines work.

Q: Are there side effects to the vaccine?

A: Please see the CDC’s website for more information on what to expect after getting a COVID-19 vaccine, and allergic reactions.

Q: If I don’t get the second shot, will I still have immunity?

A: Two doses of the vaccine are needed to protect you from getting COVID-19. Depending on the specific vaccine you get, a second shot 3-4 weeks after your first shot is needed to get the most protection the vaccine has to offer against this serious disease.

Q: Is the vaccine safe for pregnant women and children?

A: Please see the CDC’s website for advice on “Vaccination Considerations for People who are Pregnant or Breastfeeding.” The COVID-19 vaccine is currently not approved for use in children. Pfizer's vaccine has been authorized for ages 16 and up. Moderna's vaccine is currently authorized for ages 18 and up.


Priority of Campus Groups

NSHE is currently providing COVID-19 vaccinations to the following priority group, in alignment with the state’s vaccine playbook:

•  CSN Tier 1: EMS personnel (faculty and students); Outpatient healthcare providers (faculty, staff and students); healthcare students; and law enforcement, public safety and security personnel.
•  Group 2: instructional and administrative faculty, staff, students, and contractors who must work on campus in close contact with others, and who cannot and have not been able to conduct their job duties from home;
•  CSN faculty, staff and students who are 70 years old and older

Future groups will include:
•  Professors and Instructors (full-time and part-time) teaching remotely during the spring semester
•  Faculty and staff who typically have low to no in-person contact or who are working remotely
•  All remaining students


For information on testing and a list of nearby test sites, please visit

 Information about Vaccines  

Immunize Nevada

Immunize Nevada provides recommended immunization schedules for children, teens, and adults, and continuing education and training for healthcare providers. The website’s COVID-19 section includes questions and answers about the new coronavirus vaccine, safety and the technology behind it.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Visit the CDC website to read about the U.S. COVID-19 Vaccination Program and what to expect at your COVID-19 vaccination visit.

The CDC also offers information about:

State of Nevada Health Response

Nevada has released its COVID-19 Vaccination Playbook, a comprehensive report detailing the planning and statewide implementation of the vaccine program.

Southern Nevada Health District

Additional frequently asked questions are available on the Southern Nevada Health District website.