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The Classified Council serves as an advisory group to the CSN President and:

  • Is concerned with matters of classified employee relations and provides a forum for classified employee suggestions, questions or complaints, except matters of formal appeals, hearings or disciplinary matters;
  • Receives, considers and makes recommendations on matters of personnel policies and procedures;
  • Provides a means of communication and dissemination of information to classified employees of the College.

The Council consists of 12 representatives who are apportioned by campus, with one representative for every 40 classified employees.



Classified Employee of the Month

Congratulations Cindy! Classified Employee of the Month for September 2019

If you would like to nominate someone for Classified Employee of the Month, please submit the nomination form to Irma Fregoso via email or via mail to Sort Code: NLVE109 by the 10th of the month.

You can access the form here

The Classified Employee of the Month will receive $200.00, a certificate, a designated parking spot and be recognized on a plaque at all three (3) campuses.

The purpose of this award is to recognize exceptional classified employees who stand out among the many employees that consistently perform at a high level.

Ranking and selection by the council members is “blind.” The employee name and work area on the nomination form will be hidden from the council, thus we are asking for the nominator’s cooperation in not mentioning names and work areas in the narrative, when possible. Nominees that are not selected as the CEOM, will be considered for 2 additional months.

2019-2020 Meeting Schedule

CSN Classified Council Meeting Dates

Classified Council meets the 4th Thursday of every other month, unless otherwise noted.

Thursday, August 15, 2019                           2pm-4pm                   N Las Vegas  NLVA1730    

            **4th Thursday is Convocation week; meeting moved to one week prior


Thursday, October 24, 2019                         2pm-4pm                   N Las Vegas  NLVA1730


Thursday, December 19, 2019                     12pm-3pm                 Charleston    WCB102    

            **Holiday Potluck Meeting**4th Thursday is during Christmas week; meeting moved to one week prior


Thursday, February 27, 2020                        2pm-4pm                   Henderson    HNU123   


Thursday, April 23, 2020                              2pm-4pm                   Charleston    WCU123


Thursday, June 25, 2020                               12pm-3pm                 N Las Vegas  Room TBD     

** End of Term Potluck Meeting/New Members

2019-2020 Classified Council Representatives
Classified Council Representatives


Media Technologies - N Las Vegas
Vice President
TRIO - N Las Vegas
DWED - Sahara West
Facilities Management - N Las Vegas
Member at Large
Applied Technologies - Summerlin/Western
Classified Council Representative
College Library Services - Charleston
Classified Council Representative
Disability Resource Center - Charleston
Classified Council Representative
Printing Services/Mailroom - Charleston
Classified Council Representative
CAPE - Charleston
Classified Council Representative
Facilites Management - N Las Vegas
Classified Council Representative
Auxiliary Services - N Las Vegas
Open Seat - Henderson
Classified Council Representative
- Henderson
Human Resources Liaison
Classified Council Meeting Minutes
Classified Council Meeting Minutes

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Classified Coffee and Conversation Q&A | July 16-18, 2019

Classified Coffee and Conversation Sessions | July 16-18, 2019

Brief Recap of Leadership Information and Priorities:

President Zaragoza - Stated that Classified staff keeps us in a position of meeting the needs of our students and drive student success with entry and resources. He spoke about the realized vision of decentralized multi campus models being now in place with VPs but details will still be unfolding to creation of common student experiences both in classrooms and with service support. He spoke about the great need for graduation rate increase, which is still very low (was 7% now 9%). He encouraged ALL to know the CSN definition of “students first” which is graduate, transfer, complete, and prosper; and the inclusion of DWED 50,000 strong students. Successes talked about were legislative $76 million for shared Health Science building and plan to reduce advising load from 1000:1 to 350:1.

VP Mary Kaye Bailey - Spoke about busy time in closing down FY19 and opening FY20. Budgets should now be available in all areas. Food services are closing out in all current locations and will be opening only in the new Student Unions with better selections of healthy choices, as requested. She mentioned the 3% COLA being effective in July and fully funded by the institution.

VP Juanita Chrysanthou – Student Affairs leadership will still be involved in all campuses. Students first at every location. Will work with Campus VPs to determine what is central or by campus and reorganize to support student needs. 95% of Student Affairs employees are classified and critical for coverage. Will be working with Brian Akins, Career Awareness and Academic Advising to start a Student Leadership Academy. The academy will be open to all students by application. Working with career awareness along with academic advising. Radius implemented by spring will help identify where we are losing students.

VP Margo Martin – Talked about culture climate and the need for positive communication. Invited all to share “good news” information with her executive assistant Meghan Ezekiel. Spoke about the success and momentum of the prison education program. Shared Dean positions are in recruitment to ensure support of multi campus equity. There will be two deans assigned to each campus; Advanced and Applied Tech and Science and Math at HN; Business, Hospitality and Public Services and Arts and Letters at NLV; Education, Behavioral and Social Sciences and Health Sciences at WC.

NLV Campus VP Clarissa Cota – Said she feels like coming home and is excited to bring back community into community colleges. Office is currently in NLVC2626 and offers an open door policy to all. Looking at workforce and inclusion of multigenerational learners. Will be starting a NLV steering committee.  Invited participation in a Student Union naming opportunity for former State Assemblyman Tyrone Thompson.

HN Campus VP Patty Charlton – Excited to have been a starting point for multi campus model in HN. Looking forward to the fences coming down around Student Unions soon and having a great place for student connection and learning. Many things going on at HN and invites all to share and feel open door invitation. 

WC Campus VP Dr. Sonya Pearson – Encouraged “real talk” and supporting each other and working together. Said she will be observing and connecting with all campus employees before implementing any changes so she has the entire picture before making decisions. Looking forward to meeting all.

Director Adam Garcia – Very open door and available 24-7 for concerns. In law enforcement for many years most recently 18 years at UNR. Function to support staff and students so the community can flourish. Feels he is working with world class employees and institution. He is about managing resources, smart policing and quality of life (do you feel safe?). He feels recruitment from within the community is a great way to utilize already engaged resources and encourages anyone interested in campus police to talk with him.

Chief Caraballo - Southern Command is in full consolidation mode as one unified department. Very excited to be working with Director Garcia streamlining policy, coverage, equipment, etc. Will retain oversite of CSN campuses. Four new recruits from academy. Reminder, See Something, Say Something!

HR Interim AVP Ayesha Kidd – Introduced Armen Asharian as the new Director of Employee Relations and the Office of Institutional Equity. Shared that there was national recruit finalizing for CIO. Finalizing salary study. Gave information about new grant and aid changes that Kathy will detail in full workshop at HN.

Facilities Management Sylvia Kim – Stated that we mostly only think of facilities if something is wrong. Therefore, if you are not thinking about facilities, it is a good thing. It is very behind the scenes jobs that sometimes people do not even realize are being done (example HN new roofing and window caulking). Next year projects of updating central air and heating.   Excited about the new construction that has been happening and will be happening with a reminder to be prepared and patient as this means there will be disruptions.


Questions and Answers:

Q- Why are there 20+ custodians at Charleston and only one at NLV?

  • Patty stated that there are 30 staff total divided and she welcomes feedback for specific issues. One of the goals however, about having campus management is to address specific campus issues. Clarissa Cota, VP Provost NLV, will be starting a steering committee. She welcomes comments on all things pertaining to the NLV campus.

Q- Is there a plan to add additional Hydration Stations to our campuses?

  • Each campus has one. Mary Kaye will check with Rolando to see if there are additional plans.

Q- Student Services classified employees are being told that the reason they cannot request desk audits is that the President refuses to consider promotions for classified staff. Is this true?

  • No. President Zaragoza stated there are policies and laws that frame what we can and cannot do. Policies and procedures are there to insure fairness and transparency so everyone has the same opportunity by following the policy. If you feel your supervisor does not sufficiently know what you are doing that is out of your current work scope, you need to make it transparent to them. Open door policies have to be open to all so they can advocate or inform.

Q- What can be assigned in “other duties as assigned”?

  • It has to be within the classification. Things are looked at for adjustment when they become a consistent part of the job. Tools to use are updating work performance standards annually, using NPD5 if consistent additional duties are not full next level, use NPD19 if considered next level.

Q- (Statement) Don’t feel like we have anywhere to go and stigmatized if going to HR. They ask if you have talked to your supervisor.

  • HR is a neutral resource and those requests are not in your employee file. Asking questions is part of the resource help so they know what has taken place (transparency).

Q- Could you clarify the process for NPD5?

  • The written percentage of job duties exceeding needs to be 5% or more.

Q- Will there be a salary survey for classified employees?

  • There is nothing on a state employee study. Again, if you feel you are working out of your classification follow the steps needed.

Q- Question of longevity pay was raised. Also that with COLA, the retirement was raised, so it was not really 3%. How can classified look for incentives for being a longtime serving employee doing a good job?

  • The longevity to ALL state employees was discontinued several years ago. It was advised again for incentives to get with your supervisor to use the NPD5 and NPD19 process, if applicable, and to not work out of your classification without being transparent with your supervisor.

Q- Can we receive clarification to the written policy for how to deal with student integrity and Academic Integrity (AI)? Are they the same?

  • General Counsel suggested printing page 2 & 3 of the AI policy. General Counsel reviewed the policy and felt like it read easily. If there are further questions, please contact General Counsel.

Q- The libraries at the Charleston and Henderson campuses have auto door locks.  When we have a change of library hours, such as an intersession, we open a ticket with facilities and send an e-mail to Brad Jenson the week prior to have the doors set.  Each time, the doors do not get set until we find out on a Monday morning that the doors did not unlock at opening, or were already opened when we arrive.  We have had instances where the library went from a 7:30am open time to 9:00am.  We have found people in the library as the doors were unlocked while we were closed.  Is there a way we could have access to the program and the authority to set our own hours?  This would alleviate the constant issue on a Monday morning trying to get the doors set to the proper hours.  We have several hour changes in the summer.

  • This falls under Brad Jensen and request should be sent to Sherri. There is currently an audit of security processes in place. Short-term solution with WC and HN is to notify security of schedule changes so they can watch the doors.

Q- (Statement) There has been a constant problem with College Work Study students being paid from wage accounts. What is being done to fix whatever problem is causing this to happen?

  • This is a known ongoing Workday issue and painful for all. Finance can provide updates, as available, and will look into a work-study ID# rather than department. It may not be that easy.

Q- (Comment) It takes about one month to hire a student worker and confusing to them. Also a question of getting students to apply. Used to have abundance of students awarded. 

  • We will look at the business process to see what we can improve. Mary Kaye will contact the two people providing information to talk about suggested best practices. In addition, the pay was not appropriate so that was increased. Will look into why they are not applying on Workday and Juanita will also follow-up with Financial Aid. Since most students seem to need hands on help, a step-by-step flyer could be created (maybe one already exists). Also, look into sending emails to qualified students of what positions are open.

Q- Some departments on campus are working employees past the 40 hours per week and being offered flextime. Why are these employees at least not offered comp time?

  • HR is a resource for people who have questions and concerns. Encourage and remind staff of that resource. The department being referred to will be looked at.  

 Q- Is there a plan in place for fall to increase sessions to meet student needs?

  • Yes. The current metric is based on 5% growth with the intentional capacity top double. Some are growing, some are not. Enrollment has two components: getting students in the door (pipeline) and sustainability (looking at retention gaps). These are complimentary to each other. IR is helping allocate resources where they need to be. Financial Aid have to enroll in specific classes. Need to look at the wait lists.

Q- (Statement) Wait List is an excellent tool but some departments close and hide so students can’t add themselves. This happens every semester. Can there please be communication on how important the wait list is?

  • Administration encouraged communication up chain of what is happening and who is doing this. They are basing decisions on evidence, so information on problems is needed to move forward. We need to function as a team with Academic Affairs and Student Affairs and campuses. It is hard to resolve without exact information.  

Q- (Statement) The ability to meet all together is not available in Student Affairs. Closing all departments with notice once a year for shared correct information would be very beneficial to students. Is this possible?

  • Juanita stated last fall 140 people from Student Affairs got together. Will have conversation about more frequent and inclusive meeting such as cashiers. Academic Affairs and Student Affairs need to be integrated business. Will research investment in a standardized training day. Recognize that it is hard to perform without updated information.

Q- With a Multi Campus College, is funding set aside for programs that will match the needs of the individual setups?

  • Yes. Each Campus VP will determine priorities with advising being first. Funding by student FTE so aligning by campus is needed. The financial model in in discussion.

Q- For Police – does new recruits mean Friday coverage?

  • By next fall, coverage will be 24/7

Q- What is the protocol for security guards? We never see them unless called and it takes a long time for them to respond.

  • They are supposed to be doing rounds. Consider that concern addressed.

Q- Why are we lengthening service hours in Student Services?

  • To help increase student enrollment. This is a count year, which means enrollment is critical to the formula. Looking at possibility of pilot about 3 weeks prior to start for cashiers, advising and registration. 

Q- What about B building upgrades?

  • Facilities does not assign space. Once decisions are made and approved then facilities will look at a budget for construction. Closer to trigger time people will be notified and schedule planned.

Q- Could the contract with Office Depot be explained please?  There are several times where you can get items cheaper on Amazon or even using sales or coupons on the Office Depot website.  When we find a cheaper price, we’re instructed to go to our representative to request a price match.  Sometimes they can, but often times they can’t.  When they can’t, you’re back on the computer purchasing the item at the cheaper priced vendor.  Many times, the Office Depot commercial website has a sale that the business website can’t match.  Is there a more efficient way to make purchases at a less expensive vendor than having to price match every time?

  • The Office Depot contract is intended to provide a comprehensive office supply solution inclusive of negotiated pricing on CSN’s most commonly used items and desktop delivery in two days for the majority of orders.  Office supplies sold by online retailers, including Office Depot’s commercial website, may offer lower pricing for specific items, however overall pricing for office supplies utilized by the College and sold through the designated CSN Office Depot website has been very aggressively discounted.  Off contract spend is not permitted and the CSN Purchasing Department requests that all office supply purchases be made through the designated CSN Office Depot website.  Price matching will be accommodated whenever possible but is not available in every instance.  Please contact Rolando Mosqueda at Contact Usor 702-651-4245 with concerns or issues related to your Office Depot experience.

Q- The library has locking recycle bins.  It is very difficult to put large amounts of recycled material in the slot.  We have a lot of newspapers and boxes that we recycle.  We have asked to have bins without locks, but were told they are no longer available.  I’m not sure what happened to the old bins we had within the past couple of years.  Bins without locks would much better serve the needs of the libraries.

  •  In the past, we have had trouble with people putting trash and drinks into the recycle bins.  Changing the bins out to the slotted tops has helped reduce this problem quite a bit.  However, we would be happy to talk to the library to discuss some different bins that could be located in non-public areas for staff.  Please call Sherri Payne to discuss a solution.

Q- An employee has requested lights be placed in an area on the east side of the “I” building at Charleston to assist with the handicapped ramp.  We have students and employees that use these ramps after dark and are difficult to navigate with the poor lighting.  We are also having a problem with the trees growing into the walkway.  I put in a ticket a month ago to have the trees trimmed, but has not been done yet.

  • Sherri Payne has forwarded this to Technical Services as well as grounds to look into these issues.  If anyone needs an update on our progress with this particular item, please call or email Sherri Payne.