Student Login Information:

  • If you have not activated your network account click: Activate Account to get to the validation page.
  • If you are new, it can take 1-2 business days before your account is created and you can log in to the system.
  • Login to Canvas using your Active Directory password. Your password is the same one you use to log in to GoCSN, MyCSN or use to log in to computers on campus or your CSN email.
    NOTE: Your NSHE ID was used when you registered for classes and can be found on your course schedule or by contacting the Registrar's Office.
  • If you need to reset your password, please go to for assistance.

Student Course Information:

  • If you do not see a course you are enrolled in or it disappeared from your Canvas course page, please check MyCSN first to make sure there isn't a problem needing your attention. Note: It takes 1 full business day for Canvas courses to appear after enrolling in them.  Course data is automatically pulled from the Registrar's Office and imported into Canvas. If you no longer see your course in MyCSN, please call the Registrar's Office.


Faculty Login Information:

  • Login with the same user id and password that you use for your network account. This is the same as what you use to access your CSN email or to log in to a campus computer.
  • If you are new to CSN and have not activated your account, visit the CSN Account Validation page.
  • If you have tried logging in with your network account and cannot log into Canvas, it could be that Canvas recognizes you as Jennifer.Brown instead of Jeni.Brown. You can try accessing Canvas using your formal name or call the Help Desk for assistance with your login or to change your username.

Faculty Course Information:

  • Canvas pulls course information from SIS.  If you do not see a course you are expected to teach in Canvas please check with your Dept. AA to make sure you have been assigned as the instructor in SIS. If it is correct in SIS and you still don't see the course please call the Help Desk.