The Faculty Senate Bylaws and Rules Committee is a Standing Committee created and charged by Senate Bylaws to do the following:

  • Advise the Senate in matters involving the interpretation of the Senate Bylaws, CSN Bylaws and the NSHE Code.
  • Review CSN policies, Faculty Senate Bylaws, CSN Bylaws and NSHE Code and report possible conflicts or deficiencies to the Senate by the last meeting of each Fall semester.
  • Review status of Continuing Committees to recommend discontinuation.
  • Review and make recommendations on other topics related to its primary charge as directed by the Senate Chair with the approval of the Executive Committee.

Faculty Senate: https://www.csn.edu/faculty-senate


Bylaws and Rules Committee Members List
Member School Term
Jim Matovina - Chair Science & Mathematics 2020-2022
Susan Allen Health Science 2020-2022
Jacob Bakke Administrative Faculty 2020-2022
Valerie Conner Counseling 2019-2021
Fred Conquest Education, Behavioral & Social Science 2019-2021
Susan Gregg Library 2019-2021
Rosemary Hall Counseling 2019-2021
Ayla Koch Science & Mathematics 2019-2021
Deven Matthews Business, Hospitality and Public Services 2020-2022
Chelsey McKenna Science & Mathematics 2019-2021
Melissa Weinstein Arts & Letters 2020-2022