Logo for the College of Southern Nevada Black Student Union. Unified throught service for a purpose, be active in the community, support our members academic success, be proud of our culture.

Our Leaders

President - Karli Kelly

Vice President - Krista Kelly

Secretary - Treana White

Treasurer - Peyton Tomblin

Sgt. of Arms - Mya Bryant

Advisor - Ashton Ridley

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The Black Student Union is a recognized student organization designed to provide leadership for Black students that are part of the College of Southern Nevada campus community. The directive of the BSU is to remain creative, diligent, and proactive in all matters affecting Black students, while strongly promoting and aiding the academic excellence of its members. Additionally, the BSU serves as a conduit through which the various constituents of the Black community (both on and off campus) can interact and develop positive coalitions.

The BSA shall exist to allow participation of all students in the promotion of African-American culture, intellectual, and social interest at the College of Southern Nevada (Hereinafter, “CSN”) and the surrounding community. Above all the BSA shall serve:

  • To motivate and heighten the consciousness and awareness of the African-American experience and the community, thus promoting unity, and assuring pride, dignity, and self-respect.
  • To congregate members of various races in an effort to change the conditions in our community.
  • To provide academic and cultural enrichment through students and civic related functions and activities.
  • To provide a positive image for CSN students.
  • To be a guiding and uniting force for African-American students on campus and the surrounding community.

Mission Statement

We, the African American students of CSN, associated ourselves for the purpose of establishing a cohesive union of African American students, African American faculty, and the greater CSN community to become involved on campus. We hope to achieve this goal by coordinating events that strengthen cultural, social, academic, and political awareness as well as assist in developing skills necessary to become a professionally organized body of students that addresses issues pertinent to the success of African American students at the College of Southern Nevada.

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This is the Black Student Union (BSU). We are committed to serving, representing, and advocating on behalf of students of color and addressing issues that affect the community we live in. Now more than ever there is a need for active participants to stand up and be a voice for change. In hopes of building a stronger network we hope that the group will grow and become a leading organization in collaboration with other clubs and organizations at CSN.

CSN Black Student Union club flyer. Meetings are every Thursday at the CSN North Las Vegas Campus in the Multicultural Center room N 204. Meetings start at 11:00 a.m., for more information email bsu at csn.edu.African American Student Leadership Summit

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Learning About Me
Being a part of BSU means that I'm learning more about me and making new friends. Being able to be a part of something that is powerful and great.
Mrs. Tamara Talley
I Belong
BSU allows me to feel like I belong. A place where I can be myself and feel like I'm a part of something.
Mr. Corey Johnson
Makes Are Okay
I have learned that it is okay to make mistakes as long as I learn from them. I've also learned that when an idea I have fails, I can always recover and come back with a better one.
Mrs. Karli Kelly