This page is dedicated to the Bookstore Advisory Committee for the Faculty Senate. This committee works in conjunction with the campus bookstore, Follett. Faculty members, from all departments, are encouraged to join the committee as are members of the student body.

The mission of this committee is to have an open line of communication between faculty, students, and the bookstore to better serve the CSN community. All ideas are welcomed.

Section I: General Information

Per the Faculty Senate bylaws:

7.2: Membership and Appointment of Members:

7.2.1: Members of all Senate committees are appointed by the Senate Chair and confirmed by the Senate. All voting Standing and Continuing committee members shall serve a two-year term, and non-voting ex-officio members shall serve a one-year term. Committee members may  be reappointed to an unlimited number of terms. Reappointment to a committee at the end of one's term is not automatic.

7.2.2: If a committee membership is not set by these Bylaws, Senate Rules or policies, every effort will be made to choose members representing the diversity of population at CSN--academic divisions, sites and campuses, and/or groups likely to be impacted by the committee's recommendations.

7.2.3: Subject to Senate confirmation, the Senate Chair shall appoint a chair for each Senate committee from among the committee's voting membership. The position of committee chair shall be for a period of one-year and my be reappointed for an unlimited number of terms as chair.

7.2.4: When creating a new committee at least half of the committee will initially be randomly assigned a term of one year to create a staggered system of terms.

7.2.5: The Senate Chair may remove any committee member including the committee chair who is absent from two consecutive committee meetings without a proxy. Such removals must be confirmed by a majority vote of the Senate.

Section II: Committee Responsibilities

  1. Annual Report: A written summary of Committee business by May 1 each year.
    1. Purpose
      1. Provide Faculty Senate with an opportunity to examine committee activity and evaluate committee effectiveness.
      2. Provide future committee members with overview of past committee actions.
      3. Facilitate rapid comprehension--must be independent document, references to material from other documents should give enough information so that referral to other document is unnecessary.
    2. Form

      Typed, double-spaced 8 1/2" x 11" paper

    3. Content
      1. Review of year's work, includes disposition of referrals from Faculty Senate.
      2. State of ongoing projects.
      3. Proposed future plans
      4. Recommendations as needed
    4. Committee Chair's Responsibilities
      1. Write report or delegate that duty to member of the committee.
      2. Ensure report is submitted by May 1 to Faculty Senate Chair.
  2. Work
    1. Standing Committees
      1. Review of Functions--objectives, guides, long range goals
        1. Set priorities from functions and goals.
        2. Changes--due to completion, overlap with other committees, need for additions-submit to Chair-elect for inclusion in new Faculty Senate Manual.
      2. Develop work schedule for year.
        1. Develop and keep up to date a review outline of past activity and future projects.
        2. Committee Chair makes assignments to committee members.
      3. Develop and maintain a mechanism for continuity.
        1. Committee Chair may have served previously as a committee member.
        2. Outgoing committee members provide incoming members with their files.
        3. Committee Chair notifies new members of all ongoing projects and long term programs immediately following their appointment.
      4. Develop procedures for conducting business and file a current copy of such procedures with the Senate Secretary.
      5. Request for consideration of items by other committees--Committee Chair responsible for communication with other committees.
      6. Supervise subcommittee and task groups.

Section III: Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes for Bookstore Committee Creation

Excerpts from previous Faculty Senate meeting minutes in 2014 regarding the creation of Bookstore Advisory Committee:

September 12, 2014

Chair Mandel also reported that CSN needs a bookstore advisory committee. LaDella Levy and Fred Conquest volunteered to serve on this committee

October 3, 2014

CSN will form a Bookstore Advisory continuing committee that falls under the Senate. Chair Mandel wants to resurrect this committee. They would be charged with improving customer service between students and Follett. Chair Mandel wanted to get a motion on the floor to resurrect the committee, however, Past Chair Darin Dockstader said the committee would need a written charge before it could be formed. Chair Mandel said she would go back to Judith to say that the Faculty Senate supports having a continuing committee and she will work with Judith on

writing a charge and then bring it back to the Senate.

November 4, 2016 also contained the following:

Committee Updates/Assignments

Bookstore Committee

This was a college-­‐wide committee, but will now become a FS Committee. Motion made and approved to create a Continuing Bookstore Committee.

November 7, 2014

Chair Mandel asked to please approve the Faculty Senate Bookstore Committee charge, which was requested by Judy Ruter. Chair Mandel will change the word “Follett” to “vendor.” Senators wanted to know if the committee can have campus reps, should it have students, faculty, or others? Senator Ken Betita made a motion to approve the charge. Senator John Ventura seconded the motion, and the motion was approved. If you would like to be appointed to this committee, contact Chair Mandel.”

Section IV:

Policy and Procedure page

Section V: M​embers of the Bookstore Advisory Committee:

Faculty Members

VacantAdministrative FacultyFall 2021 -  Spring 2023
Elyse DiamondAdvanced Applied TechFall 2021 -  Spring 2023
David GoldenArt & LettersFall 2021 -  Spring 2023
Anthony ChiodiniBusiness, Hospitality &  Public ServiceFall 2021 -  Spring 2023
Paul BynumCounselingFall 2021 -  Spring 2023
John  Gannon (Chair)Education,  Behavioral & Social SciencesFall 2021 -  Spring 2023
Yan Mikhaylov (Adjunct)Education,  Behavioral & Social SciencesFall 2021 -  Spring 2023
VacantHealth SciencesFall 2021 -  Spring 2023
Gracie McDonoughLibraryFall 2021 -  Spring 2023
Susan GreggLibraryFall 2021 -  Spring 2023
Taly DreznerScience & MathematicsFall 2021 -  Spring 2023
Erin WindsorScience & MathematicsFall 2021 -  Spring 2023
Nicole RobinsonAdvisingFall 2021 -  Spring 2022
Henderson ManagerEx-OfficioFall 2021 -  Spring 2022
North Las Vegas ManagerEx-OfficioFall 2021 -  Spring 2022
West Charleston ManagerEx-OfficioFall 2021 -  Spring 2022
Meeting Schedule


*because beginning and end of the semester are busy times for the bookstore and its employees, the committee will not meet in August, December, January, and May.

Meeting Minutes