Advancing CSN in Technology


Academic Technology Advisory Committee (ATAC) is a standing college committee. It works with the Budget Committee, the CSN faculty, and administrative offices/operations to identify and fulfill immediate and future technological needs of the College. 

ATAC facilitates the collection, dissemination, and exchange of ideas and information on the technological issues within CSN. It also advises on technological policies and funding allocations.    

ATAC is a college committee, not a Senate committee. As such, its members are appointed by the school deans and the operation directors, not by the Faculty Senate.


It is recommended to contrast ATAC Chair, Contact Us, to confirm the information on any meeting, especially the optional meetings, given below before attending it.

  • February 14, 2020, 10 to Noon, in WC F-101
  • March 27, 2020 (Optional), 1 to 3 pm, in WC F-101
  • May 1, 2019, 1 to 3 pm, in WC F-101


2018 Fall:

2017 FALL:

The older meeting minutes are archived and can be obtained by emailing Michael Greenwich at Contact Us.


The ATAC members are appointed by the School Deans or Operation Directors as vacancies occur.

The Current ATAC Membership

Voting Members School/Operation Department
Aberle, Robert Hospitality and Public Services Public Safety
Azevedo, Jerrold Health Sciences Nursing
Billings, Paul Education, Behavioral & Social Sciences Human Behavior
Danforth, Courtney Arts & Letters English
Fortner, Anthony Business, Hospitality & Public Services Accounting, Finance & Computer Office Technology
Goldwater, David Science & Mathematics Physical Sciences
Greenwich, Michael (Chair) Science & Mathematics  Mathematics
Hall, Rosemary   Counseling
Hardy, David Advanced & Applied Technologies Media Technology
James, Tim Arts & Letters Communication
Leavell, David Arts & Letters World Languages
Lines, Christine Arts & Letters World Languages
McDade, Gina Health Sciences Dental Sciences, Diagnostic Evaluation &  Rehabilitation Services
Michelson, Rhett Science & Mathematics Biological Sciences
Pannell, Diane Advanced & Applied Technologies Computing & Information Technology
Perez, Sheri Education, Behavioral & Social Sciences Social Sciences
Pippin, Terry Business, Hospitality & Public Services Public Safety
Rogers, Theresa Health Sciences Health Related Professions
Saladino, Steve Education, Behavioral & Social Sciences Education
Villamor, Stephanie   Libraries


Ex-Officio Title/Position
Bachert, Sam Webmaster, OTS
Bailey, Mary Kaye Vice President, Finance
Bakke, Lisa Associate Vice President, Budget Services
Bearce, John Executive Director, Institutional Research
Carson, Jann Director, CAPE
Davis, LeeAnn Director, Budget Services
Feldmeier, Cheryl Senior Director, OTS
Lewis, Wilfred Director, Facilities Management
Newton, Connie Director, MyCSN Technology Group
Norris, Terry Director, Office of eLearning

* next to a name indicates a member on sabbatical leave. 
** next to a name indicates a proxy member for an absent member.



One of the major duties specifically tasked to ATAC is the ranking and recommendation of equipment requests for their funding.  In conjunction with the Budget Department and the Budget Committee, equipment requests are solicited from the college faculty and operations and ranked by ATAC for the funding every academic year.  The equipment funding is officially recommended to the College in the late fall semester and its announcement is made in the early spring semester followed by the ordering and purchase of the funded equipment.